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Sup. I'm a guy that loves MLP, and also loves dragons. I'm an artist and studying to be an animator... but writing fics is still pretty fun. Not really much else to say.

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    RoMPCoMG Original Chapter 1 (It's not very good)

    Welp, I promised a link to the cruddy original, and here it is. Hope you guys enjoy rubbing your eyes all over this garbage!

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    Just a little note to those of you who listen to my stuff. I changed the cover art for The Root of My Pain, the Core of My Growth to a more generic and different looking broken moon.

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    The Root of My Pain, the Core of my Growth has reached TWO-HUNDRED LIKES!!!! Thank you guys again so much, I couldn't have done it without you all!

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Friendship is Magic... in that your stronger and more capable friends will do the work for you. · 5:14am Jun 11th, 2016

So, I got Dark Souls 3 about a couple weeks ago. I'm now on the final boss fight, the Soul of Cinder... and my friends were the ones who did all the heavy lifting. Although, not really because I asked them to... mostly it was because they were tired of waiting for me to grind away at all the other bosses while they could just take them out in a couple hits. :P (Brian actually one-shot killed the Crystal Sage with a pyromancy spell.)

So I'm pretty much going to try my hardest to beat every boss solo in New Game + when I get to it. And I swear in the name of Balaur and Caela that I will get the Darkmoon Blade before I even start. (Why won't the game summon me as a Blade of the Darkmoon!?!?!?!? WHY?!!?!?! I have to keep grinding away trying to farm Proof of Concord Kepts from Silver Knights... Over... and over... and over again.)

So yeah. pretty much the only bosses I've soloed in my first play through is ludex Gundyr and the Dragonslayer Armor. Maybe the Soul of Cinder will be added to that list but I kind of doubt my patience will hold out long enough for that before I ask my friends to help me out with that.

Special thanks to Gabe, Brian, and Powell for getting me as far as they did. You guys are the best. (These guys are not a part of the Brony community so don't try and look them up.)

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