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Please remember that there are times to take someone's hand and lead them along... But also times when you must be stern and let them fend for themselves.-KoroSensei

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    Hey All i'm sorry for being AFK for so long. I plan on continuing my story A light to shine the way 3 chapters will be coming out as soon as they are done being edited.

    It's Great to be back, Light Spark.

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    1:Name: Blake
    2:Height 5’4
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    4: Age 17
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    6:Girl Best Friend (Only on FimFic) Snow Bullet and sunbuttsparkle (Real Life) Natali
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    Today is My Birthday today hooray.

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    I know this is really late but i've got 50 followers, well... 61 now but go ahead ask me anything i'll be happy to answer.

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Best Friends Day. · 10:39am Jun 9th, 2016

That was yesterday? Dangit. I missed it! Oh well. Here's my list of best friends on this website and why.
Celtic you're kind of like an Older brother who's been through a lot in his life and has a ton of experience in real life. You're fun to be around you've given me a few pieces of advice Your story and Your personality has made me laugh multiple times.

Tiberious: Same like Celtic you're like an Older Brother to me I hold you in high regard because you're older than me and have more experience than i do with a few things and you give me facts and info and advice that i didn't know and the advice sometimes i use in real life.

Frost: Again like another Older brother Caring kind respectful Your Friendly and very nice to talk to like Tiberious and Celtic you've made me laugh and given me some advice that i sometimes use like them you're always willing to help in anyway you can.

Cosmic: Like an older brother to me Respectful Caring Funny many things could describe you but like Celtic, Tiberious, Frost i hold you in high regard Cosmic While i might tease you ever once in a while know that i'm only doing for fun and don't really mean it.

Mesia: While i haven't talked to you as much like the rest of them you're like a brother to me and while your story confused me somewhat at first i still enjoy keep writing Mesia you're story is very well written.

Ragga: Kind of like having a brother that's a like Comedian while sometimes your jokes are funny and some aren't funny they still keep me happy and Laughing and it'sfun to have a friend like that. While i might not agree with you some of the time i still Value you as a friend.

Snow: Kind of like a Little Sister to me Kind, Fun to talk to Very Artistic, Caring and fellow pokemon player it's fun to talk to you even though you don't talk as much in the calls it's still fun to have you in this group. Also you’re a great Artist Snow keep up the great work.

Like the rest of the idiots here that i've mentioned in here i value you as a friend and would be heartbroken if i lost any of you

Also to the rest of my followers i value you just as much as all my friends here.

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thanks light/rapid, it means a lot that you see me like that. as for you to me, you're like a little brother, one that I can screw around with and be serious too. while you can be difficult at times, you're still my friend, but than again, aren't we all difficult sometimes?

4010659 No problem Celtic. And yes we're all difficult sometimes.

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