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I wanna hear your thoughts about my idea · 3:21pm Jun 7th, 2016

Im planning on doing an action fic with Vinyl as the main character, and some of the PomE OC's as supporting characters.

After watching way too much RWBY and playing Street Fighter, I came up with the concept of an Equestria Girls Action fic.

The setting would be in a futuristic version of the human world of Equestria., where creatures like dragons exist and Celestia is the queen/ruler, and evil forces who are trying to take over (Still W.I.P.), and individuals (Who'll be named Metanoia's, also W.I.P.)who would fight for Equestria, such as Vinyl.

I will also use elements of PomE, such as their talents and backgrounds, for example we have Straight Edge (OC of AC Punk), who'll have a wrestling background and a master grappler, and another example would be Rainbow Dash, who'll be a fast character.

Now, I wanna hear your thoughts and suggestions, if you may. The working title is "Warriors of Equestria"

Also for those who are wondering, WHERE THE F*CK IS WUB ME LIKE YOU DO?!

No worries, chapter is coming in a few days.

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Comments ( 9 )

I like the idea Ragga! You're up for another cool story. :rainbowdetermined2:

Sounds interesting.

Alchemy: I think that sounds awesome and If it's alright I would like to be apart of it.

It's a good idea, but you may want to consult help on writing it.

Sounds like a fun story to put in the AU folder. :ajsmug:

Make Warhawk fight like Grom Hellscream from WOW and this story has my approval. In seriousness, this has potential to be fun.

Futuristic huh? I have a drawing of a futuristic blaster I made, it's a laser blaster but it takes after the Uzi just a bit.

I like the idea! ( you can thank Snow and I for making you watch to much RWBY XD mainly Snow though XD)

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