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How They Should Make COD Ghosts II · 9:52pm Jun 6th, 2016

Alright, first off, let me say this: Ghosts kinda sucked. It was pretty bad, and I don't like it. BUT however, I just got a thought of something if they were to make a sequel. This may actually get hyped, and might even help recover from the hellhole train wreck that COD is letting out for sale soon. Now, if you haven't seen the end, don't want to be spoiled, don't read.

So, remember that horrible ending where Rorke survives and takes Logan? Yeah, dumb, dumb, dumb. How the hell he survives is beyond me, but you know what, maybe it can be a good thing. If you waited til the end of the credits, we can see that Logan is trapped in a pit as days passed on by, similar to what Rorke went through during the years of torture. So, this is Logan not just being tortured, but possibly brainwashed. This is some good news.

1: Bad Guy

What we are witnessing is Logan possibly turning face, switching to the dark side. Tell me, how many COD games have had you really playing the bad guy? Killing the good people? From experience, only MW2. With the terrorist mission, it's basically the only thing where you are really the bad guy, not just attacking citizens, but more to just kill cops alongside villains.

Here's a thing: people sometimes love playing the bad guy. It's not always being a hero, you can be bad, too. Like GTA (technically, you're a criminal), Germans in a World War II game, or Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (for most of the time). For this, if COD were to have a bad guy campaign, it'd be a new game. We've always had good ol' Americans kicking ass as that one random soldier. If Logan is suffering, being tortured, turning into Rorke as he goes through the path, he will be bad. Though, maybe.

2: Choices

What we also need are choices. In Black Ops II, we had the opportunity to make the story ourselves. Not just one straight path, what you could do is make choices to alter the story. Kill Harper, kill Menendez, or let Chloe die. They completely change the entire story, and was a huge concept. With Ghosts after it having no choice, it let me down. Now, they can do that.

Having Logan just entering the dark side, he can tag along Rorke during fights with the Federation. Along, you can make choices with who you kill. Kill Keegan? Kill Merrick? Kill your own brother, Hesh? And the choices tell you what you are. Are you still a prideful Ghost, following your father's footsteps? Or are you the Ghost Killer, following your father's rival's footsteps? It'd be cool to have and interesting to see what would happen.

3: Bigger And Harder

Ghosts felt... small. Really did. Limited weapons, not very much, and they could've put more in it. It was their first next gen game, but come on, could've put more in it. Now, I think they could do bigger. With the game that is more modern than futuristic, the game could feel more bigger. More levels, maybe longer. But that's not just it.

Veteran mode... Pfft. Easy as hell. You don't see yourself dying as much as you do in Modern Warfare, now, do you? Nope. I think we've all noticed that the games have gotten easier as they went, and that's particularly why people see COD as a talentless joke. If they give more to it, more enemies, tougher spots, it could be challenging for others. Not to say they'll all play veteran, but still, we could use the part where challenge is still a thing. And yet, speaking of challenge, what is hard to maintain? Being stealthy.

4: Stealth

Stealth is honestly a cool thing to have. As much as it is a war game, not a Splinter Cell game, we need stealth. They've had the jungle mission, but that felt pretty basic. Not as intense as something like... I dunno... the sniper mission from Modern Warfare? The badass ghillie suits? Listen, this game is called GHOSTS, which are stealthy, quiet, and hidden. They shouldn't be random squad fighting off in the middle of a damn battle. When it came to Squad 141 in MW, they were in quite a shootout, but it wasn't someone crazy with many military soldiers by their side with crazy shit. They fought as a badass squad, and while they weren't always stealthy, still did the job done.

But back to stealth. This is now just Logan. Logan, with the help of Rorke, can learn how to be really dangerous and stealthy, breaching through the lines and what nots. Yeah he can join along some soldiers in cases like invading a base, but again, no super battle. Logan should basically just be Rorke's apprentice, have some random mates, and fight off the good guys, hunting the Ghosts on his own. Cool, right?

Listen, Infinite Warfare will suck, but as they might make money off of COD 4, it still shows they suck. Ghosts is more modern, has an ending which a whole new game can be made, and if they do it right, they might make a comeback. So, what do you guys think? Should they make the sequel like this? Should they make a sequel at all?

Give me your thoughts and opinion. I'll take harsh words. :twilightsmile:

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In my opinion I think Ghosts problem was that it tried too hard to be Battlefield.

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