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Don't let people stop you from using creativity. Some may be bad, some may be dreadful, but that's the thing with creativity. You create ways to make it even better. That's the creative truth.

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Almost Suspended For Creativity · 4:05am Jun 6th, 2016

Hey, remember that rant heads-up? Here it is.

So, about a while ago, during the first quarter of the school year, I almost got suspended. Well shit, what did I do? Threaten someone? Nope. Hurt someone? Nope. Swear multiple times in front of teacher? Nope. Used phone in class multiple times? Nope. ... Vandalism? Nope. Creativity. Simply. Fucking. Creativity.

Need I say more? I don't think I've spoken of this before, so here I go: back then, some assholes spread a completely false rumor that I was going to shoot up the school. One: don't have the balls. Two: don't own a gun. Three: don't hate the school and community to the point I'd do that. Four: I did nothing to these people. Anyways, school ate up that shit, and no, this isn't the part where I nearly get suspended. Luckily, it didn't come to conclusion that I was a future school shooter. And rightfully so. But during that path, I had my folder taken. A folder that held personal stuff to me, which wasn't diary shit or files about me, just stuff I write. What did I write?

Let me tell you: script. Literally, fucking script. Not something that you'd read before doing a movie scene or play, literal set up for future ideas for games, books, and shows/movies. One of them was a Soviet Union version of Wolfenstein, which Cold War happened, Russia won with a huge nuclear blast on D.C., marine survives after coma many years later, then sets in world controlled by the Soviet Union. Not bad, right? Well, what did the dean say? He said that if it were read by the other dean, I'd be suspended off the school grounds.

Aaaaand that's bullshit. For one, I didn't write anything bad, not like racist shit or anything, or even enemies that were student names. They were names I thought, like Vladimir Stalin (if I remember) being the secret son of Josef Stalin, now ruler. Nobody was threatened by this at all. But dean said, cause he knew it was Wolfenstein-based, I was lucky. Lad, how the fuck am I lucky? Why should I be? How could I be? It's CREATIVE SCRIPT, not plans to fuck up an entire school or hurt a god damn student!

And even worse, here's something else they looked at: FimFiction. Oh, motherfucker, when they looked at it. So, guess what they thought was something that brought up the theory that I was depressed and going to kill myself. Go on, guess.


"OH, OH, Gen, is it the suicide story with Rarity and the O.C. that was shitty?"

One: I'll admit, shitty. Two: no. That's right, NO! Guess what gave the theory. Dead parents, in one of my stories... You know, cause that's depressing, right? Dead parents who were killed off-screen as used to build character and reason for the protagonist in the following story, 'Double Rainbow'? Tell me, that shit hasn't happened, right? Then somebody better fucking save the Batman Creators!

What the bloody hell is that? So you point out that dead parents is a reason I'm, apparently, depressed, but not the fucking big story that was written fully by me? No. Fucking. Way. School, you're in desperate need for contacts, cause for fuck's sake. So, given to the fact that dead parents, one of the biggest cliches for characters ever (yes, I'm calling it cliche), I was admitted by the school to join a counselor for fucking depression.

Now listen, I'm not in it anymore. Matter of fact, shit lasted for two weeks, which is funny that they didn't try anything to get me happy or something. But I'm just saying, you're gonna judge me and nearly suspend me for having creativity. So, notice my bio, right. Not on my main page, just under my name, the quote I made myself. You know what that is? That's me saying let creativity flow. Let it happen. Don't let people, like idiots, screw you up for showing creativity. Because it shouldn't be like that. I don't see Stephen King being put in depression appointments, and I sure as hell ain't seeing those horror directors in them, either. If my shit is depressing, somehow someway, these guys should be put in the asylum!

Get what I mean? Anyways, it's stupid, and because of that, my many, many ideas, probably more than 20, if not 30, maybe, are gone. Thrown away. Cause someone like me shouldn't think stuff like that. Like war stories, how horrible of it, you don't see that now. Mafia stories, oh how horrible, kids shouldn't think that. Or fantasy stories, oh no, how depressed and fucked up you are, my son! WHAT?! Anyways, if my stuff is unacceptable, being a cliche, every author is depressed.

Listen, I just want to say that, and let you guys know that because of my creativity and mind, my ass could've been suspended and put in depression. Can you imagine that in my record? On my job application the boss asks me what I did and I answer creative writing. Stupid, man, that can be bad for people, and you nearly did that. I'm just curious now to see what you'd write if I were suspended, you twats.

Guys, if you would, maybe spread this, I dunno. Thing is, creativity is great and pretty harmless, and shouldn't be put in shit like this. Especially the creativity I told. Please, if interested, ask me questions of what else I wrote as scripts, I'd love that. I want to spread that creativity is something that is beautiful, whether it is creepy like a horror plot or happy like a show called 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic'. Don't let creativity be stopped. Tell the people to stop pushing your creativity back. If you want to share this, go ahead. I want people to know this. My fans, popular fimfictioners, and even the new people joining.

Creativity is one element of brilliance, and something like school trying to judge you for that is absolutely disgusting and they should be ashamed. Don't let anything stop that creativity. Cause I haven't.

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Comments ( 10 )

I can understand checking you for rumors of shooting up the school, but calling you depressed for writing a sad story? Gee, that means that every musical artist is depressed then.

I call bullshit. Also, fuck off with that "Now if I were this person I would do this and blah." Like, I hear that shit from people at my school all the time.

Well, some people in real life can be real assholes with no remorse for their actions. :facehoof:

I'm sorry you had to go through all of that bullshit before being proven innocent. Truly I am. :fluttershysad:

Whoever who works at your school are complete, senseless idiots.

I don't understand how you could be accused of being depressed from what you write, or from scripts you've written. If anything, you should've been given feedback on how goos they were, not told you could've been suspended...

Gee, that stinks. Don't other kids write stuff like that all over and everywhere? They're just stories. How else do people get those awesome novels out there?
These people need to be more open-minded...

Many people assume things they have no understanding of. It's sad most of the time their wrong.
But still i agree with you on many of your points. I'm sorry this happened Gen.

And now I hate school again.

I know how you feel. Similar thing happened to me. I made a copy of a surprising dark chapter of a story of mine where my OC, who's a human, witnesses his entire family die either through murder or suicide. I then gave it to some buddies of mine. Somehow my teacher got ahold of it BC and gave it back saying something along the lines of 'God damn. What the hell is this shit?? How the actual fuck does this happen?'. Keep in mind that these are not the actual words the teacher used. So the next day I get called up to the counselor's office and she starts hinting that I'm depressed. I manager to clear everything up, but I swear that they're still watching me...

4002185 I do. When you think about it you can learn quite a bit about a person from how they write. In this case, I have no idea what kind of drugs these ass clowns were on, but if you pay close attention to the details of a person's writing and not the story itself, you can in fact discover why they write.

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