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  • 8 weeks
    Author's Note/Blog (Starfleet Magic S10EP22)


    That old contradicting plot of conscience and priority still goes at it.

    A hero has a family, friends, things in a normal life, but almost all the time they forsake them to jump into action because the world needs them more.

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  • 8 weeks
    I was on THE SHIP IT SHOW

    Here's the vid...

    I wore my cosplay mask because... I miss the cons, and The ship it show loves cosplayers, and this way they know it's ME for sure.

    July 5, I was contacted by the show and asked if I wanted to appear on a community show to celebrate the love of the most regular coming guests.

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  • 12 weeks
    Debunking TV-Tropes (Calista's Death)

    I'm getting really annoyed with all the complaints I keep getting (Not that I wouldn't get them if Calista was saved anyway)

    But you know I have a much easier answer to counter all this SLOP with one simple rebuttal... SEE THE BOTTOM... but let's hack at these morons anyway.

    Let's see... it reads.

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  • 14 weeks
    Missed the SHIP-IT SHOW

    Well, it finally happened... I missed the LIVE Ship it show that aired today.

    I've been having horrible sleep spells at this time of day.

    -The PTSD adds to it (Keeping me awake at night or waking me up too early)
    -I completed another vid for Greg Cipes to promote his "Dogism" (as asked by Greg)
    -Working on Starfleet Season 10
    -Now I got a whole bunch of new ideas for Yugioh E-Quest

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  • 19 weeks
    Tara Strong Death Hoax

    I would say "I cannot believe someone would do this" but I won't.

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MYKAN TO ZEPHYR BREEZE · 4:52am Jun 5th, 2016


I have seen “Flutter Brutter” and I must say “WOW… the creators must really be getting desperate to pull a stunt like this. The show is really going downhill… not that it ever when uphill at all to begin with in my view.”

I did however notice things about Zephyr Breeze, and I pretty much expected it would happen; people compare him to me, mostly for mocking purposes.

However, I can’t deny in a few ways we are alike, in the giving up part. (Perhaps he is autistic like I am… surely there can autistic ponies)

But I can assure you that I am not really like him in other ways…

He was a lazy, shameless freeloader, always getting in people’s faces, chickening out on simple chores so others would do it, giving people the old puppy-dog eyes thing.

I’m not really like him there.

-I don’t push things here and there and impede on people’s spaces trying to change the place to suit my needs. (That’s what my room is for)

-I do chores and favors round the house as best I can, especially when people are away and it’s my job to hold down the fort and keep things solid.

-I usually prefer not to get involved in family conversations with friends or each other because we can’t really communicate. Their interests do not interest me at all, and vice-versa (We’ve tried, but we just can’t adjust.) We’re just incompatible.

-And unlike Zephyr even more…

Even if I were to try harder, do something big and make something for myself: what then? In my view, doing what he did (Graduate college or a school, get a really cool job, and things like that)…

In my view (And this is just for me)… doing and having those things DOES NOT and WILL NOT make me a better person, nor is it anything for me to be proud or happy about. Heck I don’t really think I even want to be rewarded or praised for such things. (If it's a job that I didn't want mind you)

In a few ways I am like Zephyr Breeze, in many more ways I am not like him and do not wish to be, not even the good parts of him.

I can’t lie to myself, and I refuse to live a lie (Live in a way I would find even more unbearable, shameful, and miserable than how I live now)

That’s just how I feel, and to be honest, I think I'm much more a downer like Maud Pie, or miserable as Cranky Doodle in his debut.

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Eh. Still, at least Maud Pie isn't so much as a downer as she is simply monotone and a bit distant. Still a caring (and downright adorable) mare.

Oh, that's right. I'm in FIMfiction now, my old friend. Thank you.

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