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Flutter Brutter Opinions · 4:44am Jun 5th, 2016

Spoilers I guess:derpytongue2:

Okay, lemme give you some reasons why this is a great episode.:pinkiehappy:

1: FLUTTERDASH!!!!!:yay::heart::rainbowkiss:
2: Zepher (or however you spell his name) was such an awesome character!! :yay: His design, and personality was hilarious :rainbowlaugh:
4: THE SONG WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!! I got literrally chills:raritydespair::scootangel:
5: I'm peeved that Zepher and RD is a ship now, because she belongs with Fluttershy:twilightangry2: (I guess that's a bad thing. Oh well.)

Leave your personal thoughts in the comment section :yay:

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Comments ( 26 )

just like spike and ember, zephyr and RD is a thing

RD needed to smack a stallion. Also assertiveshy is best Shy.

I'm waiting on people saying Fluttershy is related to the cakes, since her dad's hair looks like Mrs Cake's

The episode was average to me. But I really like Zepher. He was a fun little character.

I'm sorry Feline but Zephyr (how its spelled) is the underdog going for a girl out of his league i have to cheer for him. ITS THE BRO CODE!

Well to be fair Zephyr only assumed that Rainbow has a thing for him, when in fact Rainbow shown clear emotions that she didn't care much for him. Still found it funny when she zapped him with a storm cloud.

Language please! There are foals present.

No! FlutterDash! :twilightangry2: FlutterDash because they had episodes showing that they could be together!

Here's a question. Did anypony else see Link from Zelda in the episode???? :rainbowderp:

3999519 I only ship lesbian ships. Unless it's CheesePie. I rather like that one:yay:

3999494 that is true! So there is still hope for FlutterDash :yay:

3999395 hair doesn't really mean anything. You can style it however you want, and it doesn't make you related to someone who has that same hairstyle:ajsmug:

4006838 That there is.

RD and Zeph are just a suggestion.
I LOVED Fluttershy's expressions. I think she may have drawn some of he confidence from this part of her life when she was first gaining boldness
Also, happy for Flutters that she has a family. Out of the main six, RD is the only one without a confirmed biological sibling. And out of the main six, three of them have brothers, but Fluttershy is the only one who has a little brother.

4014483 :pinkiehappy:
BTW, nice to have you on frequently

4014490 frequently? :rainbowlaugh: I just got on for the first time in a week:twilightsheepish: I am far from active:twilightoops:

4014493 More active than a time I remember

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