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Littlest Pet Shop Series Finale: "Littlest Pet Street" (SPOILERS) · 5:02pm Jun 4th, 2016

After four seasons, it's time to say goodbye to Blythe and the pets. :fluttershysad:

It's time for the grand opening of Littlest Pet Street, and Mrs. Twombly is definitely cracking under the strain. Blythe and the pets are excited for the grand opening, especially of the new pet-friendly theater, but Mrs. Twombly is so preoccupied with preparations and thwarting any potential sabotage attempts by Fisher Biskit that she hasn't even done any publicity work for the grand opening.

The pets watching a cute kitten video on the Internet gives Blythe an idea for how to attract customers to the grand opening--inviting the star of the most popular cat video on the Internet to the opening!

...wow, Twombly has COMPLETELY cracked. O.o;;

Blythe succeeds in getting Felina Meow to come to the opening, and within seconds, Felina Meow posts a video that immediately gets over 1000 RSVPs.

But there's...a problem. Felina's owners' contract has some...rather high demands. Including first-class travel from Bermuda to Downtown City. Luckily, her dad is the pilot of the Pet Jet!

Wow, obscure references to 80s rock band contracts! "No brown kibble"...dude, she's not Van Halen.

While Blythe is busy trying to make sure the opening succeeds, Mrs. Twombly is busy doing everything in her power to screw herself with her own self-induced Biskit paranoia. Meanwhile, the pets are trying to make a movie. And can't agree on anything. When Blythe says they need to put the movie shoot on hold because some of the pets need to go to Bermuda with her, Russell gets the idea for ALL the pets to go along...to shoot an airplane thriller movie with pets!

A few of the pets stay behind, especially Zoe, who loathes Felina Meow's popularity.

Well this can only end in hilarious tears.

XD Snakes on a Plane reference!!

Wow, Felina Meow is a bitch.

Predictably, while Russell is trying to think of a plot twist during the return flight, the Pet Jet is struck by lightning and forced to crash-land on a deserted island.

Nobody's hurt, but the Pet Jet is completely trashed, and with the radio broken and no cell reception, the outlook for Blythe, Roger, and the pets is bleak.

Back in Downtown City, Youngmee, Nutmeg Dash, and the left-behind pets are helping Mrs. Twombly run down the final prep checklist for the grand opening. Everyone's worried about Blythe, who has been out of contact all day, and Mrs. Twombly is getting more and more stressed out by the minute.

Youngmee's just worried about her girlfriend.

With Blythe still MIA, Youngmee cooks up a plan to Fake Shemp Felina Meow's appearance at the opening by dressing Zoe up as Felina.

A lot of guest pets make final appearances in this episode, such as Peachy Fluffton and Dr. Handsomeface, whose very presence angers Zoe to the point that she blows her cover, causing a minor riot.

Roger's repairs to the Pet Jet don't quite get off the ground. Blythe comes up with the idea to convert the plane into a sailboat, likely inspired by dozens of disaster/shipwreck movies. But their launch of the Jetboat is plagued by yet another unnecessary complication:

A charging rhino.

And no, taking away his credit card won't help.

With Blythe, her dad, and the pets in imminent danger, Blythe decides to abandon all pretense and reveals to her dad that she can talk to animals.

Roger knew all along, because he knew Betty could do the same thing. After this, the rhino helps them launch their escape plan.

On the Pet Jet, Felina has a heel realization and apologizes to the pets for being such a diva and helps them wrap up their movie.

Blythe has a heart-to-heart with her dad, then realizes they're late to the opening. Roger isn't worried, because he knows Blythe will come up with something...and she does, asking a passing whale for a lift.

Blythe and the pets make it to the opening just in time, and Felina walks the red carpet to the cheers of her adoring fans.

The premier of the pets' airplane disaster comedy is met with rousing success.

Mrs. Twombly: "Oh, I wish there was some way we could ask the pets what they think about all this."
Blythe: "You think I should tell her?"
Roger: "Someday, kiddo. Someday."

And the curtain closes on the final act, the final episode...and Littlest Pet Shop.

I'm not gonna cry. I'm not gonna cry.

I'm crying.

I'm gonna miss this show. :raritydespair:

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Comments ( 15 )

You're not crying. You seem to have just caught something in your eyes. My guess is tears.

I look on the bright side. Now that the show is over and set in stone, we can always look back on the legacy.

3998119 And work on my fanfic.

I'm gonna miss this show. :raritydespair:

We all are. Still four seasons of 26 episodes is quite impressive.

Think that they'll create a sequel series?

3998129 Here's hoping.

Having not really paid attention to this show before, I'm going to assume Betty is/was Blythe's Mom, and her maiden name was Dolittle.

3998173 Yes to the former, no to the latter. Her actual name was Lauren Baxter (nee Smith), and for some reason her nickname was Betty. And she could talk to pets just like Blythe.

Never watched it I must admit, but I do admit the ads looked cool.

3998132 Amen to that, there's still so much they could do with the franchise. I mean, it took them four and a half seasons to reveal that the Biskits had a mother, and then she only popped up twice.

...the latter was a joke...

I guess all things have to come to an end.......

3998234 I know it was. It just wasn't funny, so I didn't acknowledge it as such. :rainbowwild:

3998199 It's readily available on the Internet, streaming, etc. You should check it out.

It would saved Blythe no end of trouble if Roger had fessed up about her mom's ability three seasons ago. Ah, well. Such is life. Hmmmm. Now the spiritual successor to My Gym Partner Is A Monkey is going to need its own spiritual successor.

3998132 Saw the last episode. Little emotional. I'm just hoping for a movie. Or a cameo in the next Equestria Girls movie.

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