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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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Turnbout Storm Video Sequel Announced! · 1:51pm Jun 4th, 2016

Trailer has just been released. And it's looking QUITE good... :pinkiegasp:

It pleases me immensely to see Phoenix Wright voiced once again by the only voice I can ever hear him with--TheGoldCrow. And it sounds like we've got a talented crew on board for this as well. Looking forward to this greatly!!!! How will it effect the evolution of the Phoenixverse the TAS novelization and future sequel take place in? We'll have to wait and see...

As for TLaTU... I'm going to do one more chapter of Firefly, then come back to it to finish off the Turnabout of the Heart trial chapters. Well, after a trip to Las Pegasus Vegas to play some poker, that is. :coolphoto:

Comments ( 11 )

I've been following this project since its first trailer. Nice to see it's finally getting off the ground!

I have been waiting for this forever! When I first saw this. I was so excited. :pinkiehappy:

Why isn't this a Real game ?

I mean honestly the way Hasbro prevents any MLP:FIM game that isn't Mobile and Capcom with their properties.

it's just sad.

I'm so looking forward to this. I loved Turnabout Storm. I know it's from not the same creators, but I'm optimistic for this one.


3997690 At the very least, it IS approved by the original writer of the video series.

Firesight, do you have any plans for Trucy Wright to make an appearence, or its not possible for it to happen?it would be cool thought, if suddenly averypony find out he got an adopted daughter, but thinking better, that would be very difficult to make it happen, well anyway, I' really looking forward for the upcoming videos :pinkiehappy:

Sonata has been possibly broken out of prison??? I though she had turned a new leaf after the first one and Phoenix helped saved her from possibly being convicted of murdering Ace Swift (we remember that ultimately it was an accident--nopony murdered anypony). So who possibly wants to get her and probably Gilda also from jail?? And why do I get the feeling that Blueblood may show up in this as an antagonist?? I'm definitely gonna be looking forward to this. :twilightblush:

I like what they did with Trucy's voice. A reasonably low pitch compared to Maya, with showings of sophistication under her exterior. Trucy always was mature for her age, much. more than Maya.

Oh my. A sequel? With TheGoldCrow voicing Phoenix again? And it's post-Dual Destinies? With Athena, Apollo and Trucy all taking part?!


Seriously, even if it isn't written by the original author of Turnabout Storm, if it at all approaches that level of quality while operating on the grand scope implied by the trailer, I am thoroughly hyped.

I've been curious as to what you guys think of the PW anime. I like it, except I cant seem to get over the fact that the defense and prosecution are on the WRONG SIDES OF THE COURT!

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