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upcoming stories · 9:23pm Jun 3rd, 2016

Hey fellas, I've got not one, but two clopperiffic Father's Day specials lined up for ya'll! The big day is on the 19th. I had a fic already written for it that I started that day last year and has been sitting on tge back burner waiting for release, but I wanted to get shit moving again writing-wise, so I wrote a second special just for all of you! I hate having had this big-ass delay in writing for a long while, but now that I have free time again, I've been picking up the hobby again as best I can.

Now, I do have a question for you guys regarding the release order, so please read after the break if you're interested enough in the shit I put out.

Alright, here's the deal. The special I wrote last summer due to forgetting when Father's Day was is like 20k long or so, and the newer special is a much more managable 8-9k. I'm planning to release one fic on next Friday (the 10th) and the second fic the following Friday (the 17th) before Father's Day. Do you guys want the big, long fic first, or the shorter fic? I have no real preference either way, so it just depends on what you guys want first.

To help you decide, here's the brass takes of either story. the older, as-of-yet-unreleased-but-edited-and-ready-to-go longer fic is a pony threesome between Sweetie Belle, Rarity and Hondo Flanks, while the shorter, to-be-edited-as-soon-as-I-get-a-speedy-editor one is an anthro Twilight and Night Light work with Twilight Velvet watching but participating a bit less. Both of them are gleefully incestuous and downright dirty, and no matter what you guys decide, both of them are going to see release on those days. I just wanna know what you guys wanna see first so that I can get a gauge of what you guys wanna see on the only male-focused holiday not mired in the whole MRAvFeminism conflict the best day of the year to release anything incest-related.

Lemme know what you guys wanna see in the comments, and I'll get right to getting it going. Thanks a ton, guys– I promise, non-holiday-related content will be coming out too, cause I've got a good writing rhythm going on now and stuff.

Anyhow, hope you guys are having a good summer so far.

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Comments ( 4 )

Long first, then finish with the short.

~Skeeter The Lurker

The shorter story might have a better chance of hitting the feature box, drawing in new followers before the release of the longer fic. (However, there are two 20k word fics in the feature box now, so maybe longer stories are not at a disadvantage.)

I really like the Night Light/Twilight Sparkle one. I would love to read that first. :twilightblush:

Kinda want to see the longer one first because it was kinda intended to be posted last year. Like, it's been waiting patiently in line so it should go on right ahead. And also cuz I like Rarity in sexy situations :P

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