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News Flash: I'm not dead! · 1:25am Jun 2nd, 2016

News from Noble Thought.

- Health and Fitness
- Work
- Writing
- Pony

Health and Fitness:

For the last month and a half, I've been keeping to a steadily increasing exercise regimen. I'm up to 90 minutes on my good days of strong activity... which puts me at "Lightly Active". I've got a fitbit, and I've been watching what I eat as well as setting myself to the strictest diet setting the 'Personal Trainer' function on their website has, which is a daily -1000 calorie deficit. Considering that I eat the minimum of 2000 daily recommended calories for someone my age and regularly hit 4.4k burnt during the day, I'm rather below that usually, but I don't punish myself if I only hit the minimum -1k.

The key here is moderation in all things. I have a sedentary job, and fitness and getting back in shape has become my stress relief. I genuinely feel better about myself, and I even fit into older clothes that I had been clinging to in the hopes that "One day, I'll fit into these again." And that day has come. Sort of. I still have even older clothes that I don't fit into yet that I want to.

That also has downsides. Most of my clothes that I own are for a bigger me, so they're starting to hang off me and look frumpy. Not a lot so far, but I've lost 15lbs since I started, already hit and passed a plateau, and seem to be headed into another, but that's okay. I can walk farther than I used to be able to, I can sustain higher activity for longer, and I feel actually relaxed when I'm relaxing. That's good.


Work is work. It hasn't slowed down much, and in fact seems to have picked up pace somewhat, but being more fit is helping me not feel as tired throughout the day. That's a good feeling. Also, we're coming into a time of year where we can really roll out some changes and get things moving along. That feels good.


Nada. I haven't written more than a few words in the last two months since I got handed a hefty project with a reasonable, albeit concerning deadline. At least I'll have some help. Anywho... so my pony works are mostly on hiatus, my human ponies are also on hiatus, though I'm still thinking about both of them a lot. I just can't seem to find the time and the motivation that coincide at the same time in the same moment. Work, health, and other concerns keep me busy most of the time.


Still in love with My Little Pony. The setting, the characters, the potential... I know it seems like a lot of the fandom doesn't seem as interested or seems to be "maturing out" of the fandom, but I think that's natural and definitely acceptable. As people get older, they will age out of younger person interests. They may come back to them later, but as they grow and see more of the world, they naturally move into other interests.

Some older fans do this as well, but the trend I'm seeing is mostly for the younger and most excitable, most prone to change. This is my opinion only and not really borne out by any studies or anecdotal or otherwise evidence, but it just seems like that to me.

This is me saying I'm not dead.

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Comments ( 12 )

As I age I get no where.
So long as there are good horse word to be read, so I will be here to read them.

Also work is work, real life comes first (usually) and your fitness progress, awesome sauce. Just all over the place.

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

yay you're not dead


Psh. I may not be old enough to drink, (yet :trixieshiftright:) but I'm gunna be here till the day I die.:raritywink:

Good work on getting over that hump, I've been the same weight for a few years no matter the diets or workouts I try. I'm pretty sure I'm more than "Lightly Active" as well. Just my lot in life I guess. Keep up the great work friend!

I'm glad you're not dead :twilightsmile:
Congratulations on sticking with the exercise and such; getting some enjoyment out of it is crucial

Not-deadness is always a good thing. Glad to hear from you. :twilightsmile:

Good luck on your goals.

Good to hear from you again. :) Sounds like you're doing well.

3991027 3991044 3991207 3991423 3991605 3991796

Thank you, everyone! It's good to see you all around, too. I hope my hiatus comes to a close soonish. I really want to get back into the fandom.

I just noticed and corrected a rather unfortunate typo in my initial comment :fluttershyouch:

In any case, congratulations :rainbowdetermined2:

Damn it, what do I pay these assassins for?

Just kidding, just kidding. ^^'


Good to hear from you, too!

They were delicious, thanks for hiring the Beef Jerky Bros to do your dirty work.


Thank you! And no problem... I apparently don't remember it.

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