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Question: what would be a good "pony name" phrasing for... · 12:59pm Jun 1st, 2016

In the shower a couple days ago I was mindlessly reciting a metal song and then had to go check a translation on my laptop. So basically, the name "Joachim" is actually from Hebrew, "Yoyaqim", meaning roughly, "whom God will establish" or "whom God will set-up" (it's from a verb that literally means, "to cause to stand up", "to establish", or "to set up").

I need some way to turn this into a pony name for a stallion, because it's of utmost importance that Forward Charge's dad was the kind of stallion who would sing his daughter songs about how crosses grow on Anzio and you've got to charge and attack, even to hell and back.

Comments ( 10 )

The best I can come up with is Chosen One, but I don't think that quite gets it across. :applejackunsure:

3989042 I feel like a good pony-ization of it should probably drop the God stuff, since they don't have a Bible or a Biblical-era history in Equestria, but instead should make the reference to Sabaton a bit more obvious.

How does it sound in Yiddish "he who will stand up" or "he who will succeed"?

Exalted Fortune or Inspired Fortune.

How about Founding Father (Hey Granny Smith is a name after all), Building Permit, Base Builder, Path Finder (a play on words for before setting up a nation or way of life and navigating), Foundation Layer, Corner Stone, Keystone, Dream Forger (might use that one)

Firm Foundations
Excelling Vigor
Promised Lands
Blessed for Success
Provident Plan
Golden Horizon

Mix and match as desired.

...Divinely Erected

So I can't quite think of a good idea, and hopefully you find a name that works, but if you don't keep in mind that you don't have to ponify everything. You can give a pony a non-ponified name and get away with it.

3990169 That's a really good point. Just calling him "Joakim" would be reasonable. Or actually, it would be reasonable if the tagged story was canonverse. In the particular AU under consideration, forcing it to be a "more pony" name even when canon doesn't require that is more normal.

Something like "Holy Stand", "Divine Stand"? You could also use "Rock" somewhere, but that's more a Christian association, naming Peter as "the rock" for being the alleged founder of the Catholic Church.

KrisSnow, that does work well, and Derpmind, this works really really great. It gives him a grievance, actually: his name was Joakim, plain and simple, but he was forced to render it into something more cartoony whenever he was out in public. Kinda sets up the conflict that got passed down to Forward Charge.

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