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Happy Memorial Day! · 2:43pm May 30th, 2016

For those of us in the USA, today is Memorial Day, which means that we take the day to respect and remember our living and dead veterans. The dead veterans that fought in wars were people just like you and I; they had plans for the future, dreams and goals... But they sacrificed those things to allow others that they didn't even know to have their own. They left their families, their friends, their jobs, their hopes... All for the rest of us to persue ours. :pinkiesad2: Luckily not everyone died. To all of you USA veterans out there, thank you for your service. :heart:

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Comments ( 14 )

Well said, Vanilla. :pinkiesad2: Well, said...

Well said.

One thing I don't respect, are police officers. Lots of em ore good people, but then you have the ones who think they get respect for just being a police officer. Respect is earned, not given.

3983353 I agree. I respect them, but I feel that they should be serving as an officer for a while before I ~praise~ them, ya'know?

Amen, Vanilla! :pinkiesad2:

Thank you for your devoted love and sacrifice for our country, veterans. :twilightsmile:
By the way, well said, Vanilla!

Very well said, dear Mocha. :heart::twilightsmile:


Thanks :scootangel: Didn't know I was that good at wording. :rainbowlaugh: Anyways, just like OneStrangePegasister said, thank you veterans!

Very well said. A great salute to the veterans is what I needed to hear today.

I loved that speech :twilightsmile:

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