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Need Help Finding a Certain OC Parody Story · 8:59am May 30th, 2016

Basically it involves Celestia trying to prevent Twilight Sparkle from learning any more about the crazy orphanage home that is a host to OCs ranging from the popular ones like Snowdrop and Nyx to the terribly insane characters that appeared to have come out of a blender of fruit and monkey feces.
Extra details about the story:
There's this one OC with a Luna plushie who believes she is Luna's daughter.
Celestia, Cadance, Twilight, and other canon characters are protected by plot armor which prevents OCs from overpowering them or something.
All OCs go into this special house separate from the canon universe after their fanfiction story is over.
And uhh that's all I can think of. If you find this story, please tell me. I wanna show my friends the hilarity of it.

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Comments ( 15 )

Let me know when you find it so I can read it

3983035 I was hoping you would know.

3983037 it sounds like something I'd like, doesn't it? :trixieshiftleft:

3983394 The FimFiction archive maybe?

3983394 Well I'm pretty upset. There's never a good reason to delete your work. If you have a cloud backup, that'd be great.

Whelp I'm gonna try downloading all 4.1 gb of it. 21 minutes.

3983627 I tried but I have no programs to open epub. that's why i typically download html files

3983659 ah ok... wow the epub had 12 chapters. Must have been the deleted ones before the rework. lucky!

3985628 first that came to mind was the author, but he hasn't logged on at all so not sure. whoever it was must really have no life if they think this will bother me.

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