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I enjoy ponies. I enjoy coffee. I enjoy writing. So therefore, this pegasister enjoys FimFiction.

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:3 · 1:16pm May 27th, 2016

I'm at home in bed sick, and my cat just jumped onto my bed an gave me a lick on the nose :3 So adorabubble! And it tickled :3 Gotta love cats :heart:

Report Vanilla Mocha · 128 views · #Cats
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Comments ( 34 )


Aren't cats just the best..?

3976097 Aww! I wuv kittens :3

3976098 Yep! So caring :3 She's at the foot of my bed now :rainbowkiss:

3976101 I want sushi.

I love being random.

I hope you get better soon

3976115 Mari seems really happy right now... I think she's turning a new leaf... :pinkiesad2:

3976119 Yay indeed.... *Wipes eyes and sighs in relief*

Cats are awesome creatures. Also feel better.

3976133 Yeah :3 and thanks ^^

Cats are best pets!

3976153 Which is why I have three of them! >^.^<

I just realized you said "adorabubble" :ajbemused:

I want to get a kitten when I move out. So cute.:rainbowkiss:

3976202 Yeah :3 they're awesome. Idk why people hate cats so much. :unsuresweetie:

3976217 Im probably gonna end up laying in bed all day today XD

3976230 I feel like my phone is gonna explode. It's so damn hot right now.

3976218 Stereotyping them as related to witches probably.:derpytongue2:

3976238 Aww... I know how that is. Maybe let it rest for a few minutes? If it's plugged in charging, try unplugging it for about five minutes. That's what I do with mine. ^^

3976251 They still cute!

3976249 It worked. Kinda. I had to go do some laundry :(

I tend to b me very tired for no reason, lol.

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