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apocalypse · 4:47pm May 26th, 2016


I know it still has a chance to suck, but I actually REALLY liked the last movie, so... I... may have orgasmed a little watching this.

I have a big tattoo of classic Storm on my left arm with the phrase "As strong as a hurricane" over her in cursive.

I love the X-Men. I binge read everything from 1975, when Wolverine and Storm first joined the team, to 1991, when the bright and iconic 90s outfits by Jim Lee were introduced. I've read plenty of the new stuff too (honestly though, they have so much now that monetarily it's hard to keep up.) I loved the new all-female team.

Vampire Jubilee is my bae. They really need to stop teasing her in the trailers. I think this is the third time now? I know she's not gonna be in the movie, guys! You can't trick me anymore! Knock it off!

I really hate being sick.

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Huh. That _does_ look interesting. It's kind of funny-- X-men was my second big foray into comics after the Incredible Hulk (who would be supplying my userpic if I wasn't, you know, lazy), and Ultimate X-Men was the whole reason I got into Ultimates after I burned out on mainstream Marvel (of course, Ultimates went to poo pretty fast too, sigh), but I haven't seen an X-man movie in _years_. I think the last one that I watched all the way through was the one in the first movie trilogy where Jean Grey comes back as Phoenix. My opinions about that one were so GLARGH that... yeah. Just gave up. Especially when MCU turned out to be so awesome.

I was always into manga more than western comics with one big exception: X Men! Storm is my favorite :3 followed swiftly by Nightcrawler and then Wolverine


I think the last one that I watched all the way through was the one in the first movie trilogy where Jean Grey comes back as Phoenix.


Never mention that vile monstrosity again!

All I can say is... If you're feeling up to trying an X-Men film again, skip Wolverine: Origins, and go straight for The Wolverine. It's typical action fare, but it's solid. If you're okay with the first X-Men movie, X-Men: First Class might be acceptable to you. Plus, it sets up everything for X-Men: Days of Future Past which was a return to the REALLY good stuff, IMO. Deadpool can be considered part of the X-Men film continuity too.

I liked Ultimate X-Men up until a point, and it was an early one if I recall. The last thing I remember was Beast and Storm breaking up, and I got irritated at how glossed over it felt. The new school for Marvel comics (at least in the early 00s) focused too much on the combat visuals and too little on the downtime. I know Claremont is polarizing for some X-men fans as a writer because he can get wordy, but I liked how his narration seemed to flow WITH the visuals. In my opinion, he wrote stuff that supplemented what the artist did, not stuff that took away from it. Claremont is THE guy we have to thank for the most memorable X-Men stories, period. God Loves, Man Kills? The Phoenix Saga? Days of Future Past? The Mutant Massacre? All C-Man. He gets no credit, and it irks me.

Sorry, you pushed my big red nerd button. :twilightblush:


I don't mind manga, but I confess I didn't get into many aside from some underground femmeslash stuff. I like western comics, but the only ones I've followed hardcore have been the Uncanny X-Men and its spin-offs, pretty much anything by Terry Moore, and most recently the MLP comics.

Storm is the bestest. After her, I love Jubilee, Wolverine, Rogue, and Rachel Summers. Honorable mention goes out to Magik, Colossus' little sister. I just love chicks with swords. :heart: (Her backstory is rather interesting too, but I haven't read enough of her to bump Rachel out of the fifth fave spot. Ahh, Rachel... My little angsty alter-dimensional orphan. I can't help but sympathize with you, even when you're being a temperamental butt.)

3975132 Believe me, I've much of the same. I'm pretty fond of wordy myself in the first place. I liked the aesthetic at first, and then I started realizing that it was basically all the edgy kids' fanfic from the late 90s given form: yeah, sure some of it was interesting, especially as a break from the tiredness of the main line but YEEK does it get old fast. I like _concepts_ and thought, even if it's expressed visually.

I shan't mention the abomination again, then. Other than in the context of the second Hulk Movie. ;) (Am I the only Peter David fan who liked the first? -.-;;) Yeah, I think trailers for Origins was what convinced me to just _leave_, you know, and not look back. Was that the one with Silentpool? Or was that later ... issues?

(btw, if you haven't seen the current deadpool you totally should)

3975132 I have an abiding love of underground yuris because I am sin

My favorite western comic maker was actually Dark Horse! I liked their offbeat, daring style and willingness to do new things.

Stooorrrrrrrrm. One of my many nicknames was Storm. :3 That's a pretty cool tattoo. I have zero tattoos except that one time I got a henna tattoo with my cousin and we got matching Templar shields.


Oh, gah, no Silentpool. Bad. Baaaad. Yeah, Origins had him. And yesh! I've seen the new Deadpool! Brilliance! Sheer brilliance! And probably the single best way to get Colossus into a movie, that Horatio-Alger jerk off. (I have mixed feelings about ol' metal bod. Sometimes I love him when he's so very Russian. Other times I hate him when he's in the throes of "Kitty this, Kitty that!" The Deadpool movie did him spectacularly.)


I have an abiding love of underground yuris because I am sin

I stood upon a high place,
And saw, below, many devils
Running, leaping,
and carousing in sin.
One looked up, grinning,
And said, "Comrade! Brother!"

-- Stephen Crane

I have zero tattoos except that one time I got a henna tattoo with my cousin and we got matching Templar shields.

Henna is cool. I sometimes wish I had the patience for it.

I fully intend on getting more tattoos. I've already marked my body with sexy Storm and a Zombie (on my right shoulder). Why stop now? :rainbowdetermined2: Next one is Princess Luna standing on a cliff and looking up at her starry night, her magic spelling out my son's name in the heavens! FULL SLEEVE BABY! :yay:

EDIT: er... okay, no. Half sleeve. I still need to be able to get a job. :facehoof:

3975556 There is a stupid part of me that wants a Tattoo with a circling Celestia and Luna

or something that says either/or "HAIL THE LIGHTBRINGER" or "THE NIGHT IS PASSING"

Also, massive points for Stephen Crane. There are a few places where I've been thinking of him as I wrote. Specifically:

In the desert
I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
Who, squatting upon the ground,
Held his heart in his hands,
And ate of it.
I said, “Is it good, friend?”
“It is bitter—bitter,” he answered;

“But I like it
“Because it is bitter,
“And because it is my heart.”

Especially Alien Suns. Stephen Crane did not fuck around.

3975567 I have my estranged female friend to thank for that one. She was big into Crane. Dunno if he was her favorite though. Mine is e e cummings. I have a well-worn book of poetry from him that I return to when I feel... feelsy.

And dayum, that poem packs a punch, I must say!

3975575 if you like e. e. cummings, you may like W. S. Merwin. He was the poet laureate of America for awhile. I used to think of myself as a poet, but then I grew up and realized I suck at it a lot


I shall check him out when I feel more lucid!

Ha! I used to write "poetry" all the time. I even went to some open mics and spat with the best of 'em. Poetry is an odd beast, and it's bitten my hand too many times. I mess with it when I feel daring.

3975556 I especially loved his hero speech. It was moving, true, not trite in the least... and they handled Deadpool's response perfectly, too.

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