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Got many ideas, but no time and no energy.

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  • 191 weeks
    Update on that last update on that last update

    I've thought of some great ideas of where to take The New StalLi-ion, which means that I am officially splitting the story I'm currently writing plans for off of that story. This will give me a bit more freedom with certain things on the new story, along with allowing me to rewrite and continue The New StalLi-ion in such a way that it does not deviate too far from its

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  • 191 weeks
    Update on that last update

    Plans for The New StalLi-ion are going exceedingly well, although the storyline itself is majorly diverging from where I believe I had originally intended it to go. It is diverging so much, in fact, that I have considered marking The New StalLi-ion as Cancelled (or possibly On Hiatus, but for an extremely long time) and

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  • 192 weeks

    No excuses for the lateness, just lazy and forgetful as hell. Sorry.

    In March I went back and reread my own story. Hated a good portion of it, and decided I would rewrite it to ensure it is of decent quality. My old writing is bad, and my plans were even worse -- leading to me being confused about where I had originally wanted to go with the story.

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  • 358 weeks
    Itsssssss a plan, Stan.

    Alright, so I just started University. For me, I don't know if that'll mean I'll be more active, or even less active than I currently am.

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  • 371 weeks
    Is it... is it... IS IT WHAT I THINK IT IS?

    It only took a year, but it's out now.

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New StalLi-ion chapter 2 rewrite almost complete · 5:03am May 26th, 2016

The rewrite of chapter two is finished the writing stage, and I will proofread it tomorrow when I'm not so tired. If all goes well and I don't need to rewrite any parts of my writing, it should also be posted then. If not, then hopefully on Friday.

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