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Well, I just got my first downvote on one of my stories · 7:00pm May 25th, 2016

My story, Scary Stories, was the only story without any downvotes. But when I checked on right now, I saw that I got 1 downvote. I was wondering when it would come because the story had gone on so long without any downvotes.

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that story didn't DESERVE hate!


I know, but people like what they like, and I guess someone didn't like my story, but I'm fine with that.

It happens to everyone. Just cater to those who like your stuff! :twilightsmile:

Why!!!! Nuuu!!! The haters!!! Whyy!!!!

Maybe they loved it so much that they flipped their screens to like it again...

At least it's just one. Look what happened to me:

-One has 9 dislikes (getting 5 of them in its "premiere" and subsequent day)
-A couple of my stories lost a like (it wasn't a dislike, they lost a like!)
-Another one was posted on a list called "Stories I really, really, really don't like (Who the fuck does this?!)
-And my favorite: One has 6 dislikes but 5 of them were because the user labeled me as "racist."

Don't let this disappoints you, Keep improving!:ajsmug:

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