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"The Iron Horse": Secret Crossover Project Update! (5/24/16) · 1:41am May 25th, 2016

Hello everyone! I have some news about this secret crossover project I've mentioned before (some good, some bad). Today I'll be revealing more details about what it is, its status, and more.

"Crossovers are better with robots. Beep."

First and foremost, what kind of crossover is it? Well, it's not with another show, movie, comic, etc. Rather, it's a crossover with The Iron Horseanother story here in FiM Fiction! Which one? Well, that's something I'll keep under wraps, though one astute reader has already guessed. All I will say is that it's a fic I've mentioned before.

Furthermore, it is a collaboration. In other words, it was co-written by me and another writer. We've been going back and forth about this for a pretty good long while. Like, about since December. :twilightoops: My partner is a writer I truly admire and I think they really brought their A-game to their half of the story. (And I'd say it really is about half-and-half in terms of contributions.)

Best news of all is that it is totally written! And it'll be a sizable story, too: comparable to about 3 or 4 chapters of The Iron Horse in terms of size. All it needs is some editing and a cover illustration (Green's working on it) and it'll be good to go!

Now for some of the bad news: my partner has gone dark on me recently. :fluttershysad: I've sent them some messages, and I know they've been to the site pretty recently, but I haven't heard back lately. I am assuming either they got really busy or they're dealing with some personal matter that takes precedence over fanfiction. Since this story was intended to be a treat for both my readers (i.e. you guys!) and theirs, and since it is a collaboration, I don't want to upload it without them giving me the go-ahead. Hopefully, I'll hear back from them soon, but until I know more, I just can't commit to a release date.

Other bad news is minor, but still a bummer: because I've been working on getting the last bits of it finished lately (along with some RL stuff that I won't bore you with), I haven't started work on the next regular Iron Horse chapter yet. Sorry. :fluttercry: I'll try to hunker down and get something done this week, though, so it still might come out relatively soon, but I can't guarantee such a thing just yet.

Still, I'm pretty sure a lot of you will like the crossover and the new arc once they are each released at their respective times. Hope to see you then, folks! :heart:

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Take your time, we'll be here when you update it next!

Can't wait to see what this crossover is, too! :pinkiehappy:

I half hope it's NFire, but they haven't logged in since December, so probably not.

3970194 Nope, I'm afraid not.

Take the time you need. Hopefully your co-writer is going to come back sooner than later.

Take your time. The crossover is between The Iron Horse and another fanfic? Now, that is intriguing!

3970552 Yeah, I hope they show up soon. They're very talented and this project was initially their idea, so I really hope they come back before too long, and then we can both see it come to fruition.

Are you releasing the crossover as a chapter of The Iron Horse or as a seperate story?

3970857 As a separate story. It's non canon, so you can skip if it's not your thing, but it should be something anyone could read and get as long as they've read at least one of the two stories.


Oh i am going to read it. I just wanted to know where to be ln the lookout for it.

3972487 I'll announce it on my blog and tag The Iron Horse. If you're following either me or that story (or hopefully both!), you'll see it. :pinkiesmile:

Yay for crossover!
Yeah, if memory serves the real life stuff hits pretty hard in spurts, keep hope!

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