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Snippet and Query · 10:30pm May 24th, 2016

Almost certainly not appearing in chapter V:

TWILIGHT SPARKLE (writes): "When we got to the library and Moongleam (as she has insisted we call her) saw the collection, she bounced around the room in a circle for a full minute, calling out 'Yes, yes, yes, yes!'. She seems very excitable to me. Is this normal for her species? Is it likely to happen oft-"

(a short moment of embarrassed recollection later)

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: "Oh. Right." (crosses out the above, several times)

...on another note.

If I do decide to go down the CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS COSMONAUTS! path, even unto the point at which marks are earned in rocketry - well, I invite speculation in the comments as to what, specifically, Sweetie Belle's might be.

(Scootaloo's and Apple Bloom's are pretty obvious, given the talents we see them display in canon, but I'm having real trouble with hers - and I can't use only two out of three of the Ponyville CMCs for this plot thread, for reason that it would be a crime against narrative causality.)

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Music writing with rocket motors for percussion instruments?

Something to do with communications?

Navigation. Music is math.

I could picture her in mission control as a flight director. Every Neil Armstrong needs a Gene Kranz.

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