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A simple brony who loves writing and one day hopes to make a career of it. Loves anime, MLP, reading and Writing. Loves making new friends as well, if anyone wants to add me to Skype just contact me.

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Changes and rewrites · 2:23am May 24th, 2016

Hey, everyone!

I'm glad to say I'm back, and I hope those who read my new story. I'm sorry I left to begin with, but honestly the stress was killing me. So when I logged in a few days ago, I began rereading my stories in anticipation of continuing. You see, though, they have some... problems. Incredible grammar problems, typos, using the term 'hand' instead of 'hoof'. So while I HAVE begin working on the following chapters on some of my stuff, and the others are entering the planning stages, I'm proud to announce that those rewrites I have always wanted to do are happening as well. Chapter 1 of 'everypony loves' being the exception for now. I have proudly begun work on Chapter 2. I took a look at the very beginning of the story and changed some of the beginning paragraphs and I went through and found most, if not all, of the 'hand' incidents.

I hope you all stick with me, new and old readers alike. Thank you,everyone, as always for your support.


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