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time to get off this furry boat

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    action is coming

    new story soon

    i have seen de wae

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    people are wierd

    life is wierd

    shits just wack

    someone wake me up from this fucking dream

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    i will write! ...tomorrow

    imma gunna do it

    i mean it this time

    fo real


    ...in other news, dreadnought is pretty tits

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    piloting battleships is pretty neat eh

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    to be lazy or not be lazy

    one of these days ill actually get back to writing

    just probably not today

    or this week

    actually this month is bad for me

    next year sounds good


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    im being oppressed


    the mods

    they're coming for me

    hide me pls

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guys, I think my new avatar is turning me into a raging bitch · 6:02am May 21st, 2016

halhp :[

Report Shocks · 235 views · #shitpost duh
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Comments ( 11 )

then change it??????????????


yea it looks cool

even though uh





I have a solution Shocks, (hands Shocks a piece of cake) eat this its Midol flavored. :rainbowlaugh:

Nah, it's just the recent Hie threads. Don't let it go to your head.

You are honestly a badass from my view or the image bad boy/girl persona going on. (You know you're a guy, but generalized things out of habit.) King Kong has nothing on you since you're a loyal servant to a monkey god.

Okay thats fine and I accept that because you produce content I like to read, but please if you're going to be a "bitch" be the biggest and best one you can be.
Those are the most entertaining to watch.

S'okay. I haven't noticed a difference yet.

:derpytongue2: Well, it is now. Schrödinger's diss.

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