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TD is going to Bronycon! · 4:09am May 21st, 2016

So, after months of indecision (and making poor bookplayer wait to find out if I'll actually show up for the shipping panel :facehoof: ) I finally pulled the trigger.

I'm going to go to Bronycon this year for the first time ever!

Everfree Northwest was a lot of fun, and I'll meet a whole bunch of new folks and have a lovely three days in Baltimore.

I can even get non-stop flights from Portland to Baltimore, which is nice, because I kind of despise being in airports or on planes any longer than necessary.

So, uh, yeah. Who else is going? :twilightsheepish:

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Wanderer D

Me! We need to hang out!

I might go to ponyville ciderfeast

BABSCon was my one and only convention for the year, sadly

Not going, but as someone from just a bit north of Portland, curious how close you are to there.

There's a 15% chance I'm going.

I'm still on the fence, but tempted.

I live in Corvallis, Oregon. So, about two hours south of Portland.

I'm going to BronyCON

I'm in the "probably" column, might depend on the next few weeks.

Like, duh, of course I'll be there you giant butt. I'll prob see you in Q&S.

I'll be going.

...I'm currently leaning towards 'yes'.

Should be there.

It's really sad that my first reaction on seeing this post was not "Yay, a chance to meet a cool person I know!" but instead "What if he critiques me?!?"

I went to Everfree Northwest and didn't make one person cry!

I submit that perhaps EFNW did not have any attendees that were sufficiently enormous wusses. I, however, am up to the challenge.

(It's likely I'll be going as well, which will be my first con)

i am going this will be my second time there can not wait!

3960526 And about 2.5h south of me then.

I'll be going! Don't miss out on the local cuisine, Baltimore has some good eats.

Neat. Have fun at Bronycon. I've never been to that convention. I wish I could find the time and budget to make it out there, but east coast is a bit more challenging for me than west.

I will be there again this year.

Apparently we will get to argue about shipping together for an audience! :V

But regardless, I will be there, and looking forward to the irony of us both crossing coasts to meet for the first time.

Well, that's how it goes. California's emission laws make dragon meetings kind of awkward down there anyway. I still remember the fine we got after my grandma's funeral.

Despite living in Seattle where EFNW is located, I have only attended one pony convention, and that was in 2014. Bronycon sounds nice, but I just have too many conventions on my plate all year round. I mean, this year I have PAX Prime and Portlands ComiCon literally five days apart... Ugh. I can already feel my wallet cringing in pain.

If you happen to be going to Portlands ComiCon, we could meet there. Not that I'm super big on fimfic or worth meeting. ^_^;; hahaha

Eesh, tell me about it. I keep getting this little yellow EPA auditor all up in my muzzle every time I slack off on my sleep apnea program. :ajbemused:

3960679 Not one person?

How many, then? :trixieshiftright:

Hang out in Quills & Sofas and you'll eventually meet everybody.

I might go there maybe I guess I do not know? :raritydespair: These kind of decisions are so hard! :raritycry: I'm so indecisive about everything! :pinkiesad2:

Also money issues. I could go, but I might be screwed moneywise later (iz future yamgoth's problem :B).

I will be there :)

I will find you, and I will harvest your knowledge from your mind.

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