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i'm a wolf with a crazy imagination.

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  • 21 weeks

    WHOOO WEEE ANOTHER YEAR AND CHRISTMAS HAS COME BY. MAN THIS HAS BEEN QUITE A YEAR BUT HOPEFULLY THIS NEW YEAR I CAN TAKE IT EASY TO RELAX. I do plan to try and make more time for my writing as I need to take it easy as I had barely any time to relax after such a long grueling year.

    I do plan on a few new chapters but for now, I'm just I survived another year

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    A gidt

    Sorry guys no halloween chap as this month ive been part of a halloween community in whoch i will be taking part of a scare fair taking place at my college. But no fret i got a proposition for all.

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  • 35 weeks

    WHOOOOO 1000 LIKES YES THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! this is huge even for me as I never thought it would get this many especially when I thought it wasn't going to be good. to some yeah it's not so great so sue me. it's more for fun and i thank you all for the likes and comments.

    thank you all

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    return back

    hey, folks of fimfiction her wolfman here. so lately it's been a long time since I posted a new chapter and I do hate to keep you all waiting. the reason for such a long wait is I had been working on my college work for so long as I barely had time to myself. most times I do is used in homework or projects I needed to finish. thankfully summers here so I'm going back to my writing. I do apologize

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  • 72 weeks

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY BRONY OF FIMFICTION! wolfman here not wanting to keep as right now i do have my new year drink i just want to say i hope you all have a fun new year and make sure it's a good one.

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any gamers to play · 1:36am May 21st, 2016

hey guys of fimfictions wolfman here to let you know the following updates.

recently i've been a bit busy these last few weeks since summer is coming and my work and classes are going to limit on my days. but so far i am managing to catch up though. about 30% of the new story for sst:he is compete and i do have a few summer specials for you all. so stay tune for those.

second i have also been working on proof reading the collab story equestria's human devision and hope to get that out asap.

and lastly i also forgot to mention if not all knows i'm a big ass time gamer.

wolf i think they already know that.

RAY the heck man. where you came from

i've been beside you from the start jackass.

oh shut up asshole. anyways folks recently i had a few issues to be worked out but now i have a new ps4 account and those who have a playstation 4 and wish to play send a friend request.

my user is anglwolf656. i hope to see you all in the gaming world.

with that out of the way we will still continue to make new chapters along the way. just make sure wolf remembers to not forget about the stories. he sometimes tends to forget it .


wolf your facing the wrong way

*looks back and sees ray* oh shit sorry. anways folks with that said we hope to see you all again soon and stay tune for another chapter of SPECIAL SPA TREATMENTS:HUMAN EDITION! laterz

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This is good news! :pinkiehappy: Nice to see you again wolfman93.

My username is Klein402, with a picture of a Dark Knight (FFXIV). I play Call of Duty: Black Ops III, WATCH_DOGS, Minecraft and Tom Clancy's The Division. Hope to see you around sometime soon. :twilightsmile:

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