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Pony Anatomy Problem NEW GROUP · 11:49am May 20th, 2016

So after many requests, my good friend Bendy made a group for his stories "Pony Anatomy Problem" and "Screw Pony Anatomy" both of which are hilarious and I highly recommend you read them if you havent yet.

Both stories are NSFW but not for the reason you think. Basically the idea is, ponies have no genitalia and they have sex by cuddling and the human in these stories sees the ponies as innocent and therefore has trouble "making love" to them. Oh yeah, it's an AiE and HiE story so if you have a problem with that, you're missing out. I laghed my ass off when I read them.

Go here: GROUP

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Comments ( 2 )

Well, the second one is NSFW for normal reasons.

3958229 :rainbowlaugh: Just the verbal imagery is enough to get it rated as Mature and unsaf for nearly any professional setting.

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