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I am a humorist. I write funny stuff... I hope. Since my pony-name appears to be Dusk Dash (there is a chart), I have decided to dedicate my life to quick and evil science!

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    Seriously? 11 Int for a "Turn into root vegetable" spell?
    That's heavy transmogrify and at least level 5 in 3.5 and maybe 4 in Pathfinder. That needs a 15 or 14 Int! Even more if untrained!
    And Captain Wuss should get a save!
    0 out of 5 stars
    No points
    Terrible episode!

    (PS: Can someone please recommend a decent neurosurgeon? I need someone to get these writers out of my head!!!)

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    OH GOD!

    They made a pony version of ME!
    It finally happened! They just forgot the glasses... GET OUT OF MY HEADS, WRITERS! AND WHERE CAN I GET A BONDAGE BODY PILLOW LIKE THAT?

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I am thy Deadpool · 12:36pm May 19th, 2016

So... today I had surgery.
What was wrong? After adjusting my toenail and removing quite a bit of overgrowing flesh, my doctor decided to cut the crap and just get rid of the stuff. Now, she injected me with the stuff that makes you numb and after waiting for 30 minutes, we begin. Turns out that I wasn't numb anymore. Luckily, my surgeon is a smart woman and we adjusted the dose, so it wouldn't hurt. Even though we began at a dose that should have kept me numb for 3 hours. And the second batch is wearing off right now. Half an hour after we finish.
Apparently my body is capable of metabolizing drugs at an insane rate.
So not only does my body heal at like 1,5 of the human average, I also break down drugs like they are candy.
What does that mean for you?
Simple: For 300,000 Euro, you can have the Dave-Master-Race-Creation-Kit (working title).
It includes a sample of my superior DNA, one of those tubes you use to but the juices on turkeys and a contract that absolves me of any child-support.
A simple set that allows even YOU (yes you) to add some value to the gene-pool.
(Batteries not included, DNA may contain depression, bad eyes, bad teeth, overall unattractiveness and inability to shut up or not make tasteless jokes)

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Dave Master Race vs PC Master Race who would win???

3957935 Probably Linux

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