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  • 289 weeks
    Wow...it's been awhile.

    So I guess the lot of you want to know where I've been. Why did I drop off the map without so much as a word right? Well I've been moving on with my real life with my actual job and friends and the like. This got put on the back burner and almost forgotten entirely because I just didn't care to check up on it as much sense writing wasn't so much fun anymore. To those of you that have tried

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  • 348 weeks
    Yay, I'm older now!

    Just one more year until I am 20... :facehoof: I have nothing to show for the last 19 years of my life.

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  • 357 weeks
    I'm just gonna leave this here

    Lyra is best pone. Even if booping is dangerous.

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  • 378 weeks

    Remember how I said I'd stop procrastinating? Well I did and sat down to start writing something for you all! Then I drew a blank! I couldn't think of anything at all! I'm sorry to those of you that wanted to see something new or something to be updated, but I felt I should let you all know. I'm sorry.

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  • 379 weeks
    Time to stop procrastinating.

    I finally feel like writing and have the time (not at the immediate time) to actually work on a story! This have the question though, which do I work on first? If you guys want to pick out one of my stories your like to see get moving already then let me know. Until I get clear answers the order will be

    The roads we take

    I'm famous?

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2 More exams! · 3:42am May 19th, 2016

I just have 2 more and the nightmare known as High school will be over. I'm happy and scared at the same time over this...Not to mention I've been told something recently that kind of ruins my plans for life, but I'm not going to mope about it. There is a reason I have back up plans! Wait, this blog is about the exams not my future! Well I just have 2 exams left this year and once they're done I'm free( And by free I mean I don't have to go to a school that has literally been mistaken for a prison anymore!) You all know what this mean don't yah? STORIES! That's right, now with no school I can focus on stories when I'm not working and actually get back on track with them. That means that I'm famous and the roads we take are going to have new chapters in a few weeks! Wait, didn't I say I only had 2 exams? Yes I did, but I am celebrating after graduation so that means I'm going to be busy with that stuff, but once it's done, it's done. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and thank you to those I consider friends on here. You guys helped me through some tough times over the year, even if you never knew. :twilightsmile:

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Congrats on finishing soon to be then. And yeah, high school can be, urgh...

FREEDOM!! Also hooray! You'll be updating stories again!

I have 1 college exam due tomorrow along with my final class for the semester. Hey congrats man was hoping to hear from you again soon.

3955391 Job mixed with school kind of killed my ability to write for a time

3955436 HI! I swear we really need to talk more. OH, how's your story, I haven't looked at it in a bit.

3955386 Thank you, and it can be very ugh. I can't tell you how many stories I have about this place.

3955676 WHAT?! IT'S DEAD?! *rubs defibrillators together* CLEAR!


3955678 still haven't updated it. I have written more in it and I have a new idea so it'll be even longer. It's kinda hard for me to just sit down and write it though, I think it's because some parts feel a little cheesy to me.

3955679 I understand, every high school is hell condensed into 4 years.

3955711 He's chilling with Pinkie

3955711 He's chilling with Pinkie

3956196 Work with that then. The cheesier it is point it out! Make it a funny moment if it fits.

3956470 It's almost over though and I can relax a bit.

Glad to hear that you only have two more changers to complete, and after that you will finally the light at the end of the tunnel which will reveal to be an open... desolate wasteland that is called «real life» for which you will have to carve out a meager existence for yourself where you will have to fend for yourself and beat up any how get in your way.:pinkiecrazy:

Still I am looking forward to see more of your work soon I miss your company a lot...

3956628 I missed writing a lot, but time was an issue, but not anymore! I shall mooch off my parents as long as possible to avoid rent and to be able to afford other things! Or maybe get a nice payment on a house either is good. Still I can't wait to start writing again and I know one story that I have been thinking a lot about that needs a finale.

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