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Pokin' Pokemon · 3:06pm May 17th, 2016


Report MythrilMoth · 610 views · #pokemon
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Comments ( 20 )

is this a joke or this is real please tell me this is a joke right

What is crazier is that this will be true one day :rainbowlaugh:

Still waiting for Redda and Hakking.

3950754 Obviously they're real. Can't you tell? :pinkiecrazy:


That moment when you drop your pokemon egg and it "hatches" into an Eg.

3950760 nope not real im either high or crazy those can't be real i swear if i see them on pokemon i will flip a table

3950803 Hey. I have that periodic table on my chest. A handy little reference for when I'm out and about and need the scientific properties of My Little Pony.

3950762 Fairly sure they wouldn't do Gimp and Bodosomo, at least.

It's a kids' game after all.

What the... *starts calmly walking to the door and runs out*

3950868 is it? And I choose you Full English!

3951162 Fairly sure it is. In fact, I have a box for X here so lemme check...

Yep. Rated 7 and up for cartoon violence. In other words, kids' game for the ratings.

:rainbowlaugh: These are great. BEEEEEE, FULLENGILSH, and ROAD KING are my favorites.

3951176 I'm partial to Drown'd and Dukburg. (Oo-ooo-oooh!)

3951168 huh. Well, I guess it's at Disney level now then. With all the sexual references and violence kids enjoy when they get older.

Hmm, a small assortment of Bee based Pokemon, this calls for....

A couple of these are actually kind of cool. I actually really like Roadking, ? and Fullenglish.

Especially Roadking, though. It's really fucked up, and that's right up my alley.

That's gonna bring in a new generation of fans.:trollestia:

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