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Chapter 1 part 2 Binky's Friend: Pink Sound (warning contains dead dog, injured Apple Jack, and evil Apple Bloom. Unedited.) · 11:32am May 17th, 2016

Chapter 1
Insonica part 2
Elsewhere in Academy City

Apple Bloom in appearance only, because everything from the neck up had been replaced by an alien symbiote a couple days prior, stared at the television with an almost autistic fascination. News reports mentioning missing persons from across Equestria after the recent meteor shower were the topic of interest “Wan Oh Nah, Why knew na, Whine own AAGH! dang it, I’m ah learn the fiddle bafore I catch a southern drawl.” getting used to her new body did not include much more than a voice box and an appearance template. The dog, of course, didn’t make it. Being the first and most easily available source of meat for the former child prodigy turned high school Equish professor meant her usefulness was at an end the moment she became said child in appearance only’s first victual sacrifice.

Not quite Apple Bloom’s survival was contingent upon passing herself off as Apple Bloom. Obviously, this was made all the more difficult seeing as she was living with a law enforcement officer working for anti-skill, the Academy City police force. Naturally, Apple Jack would have definitely made for a much better host considering her size was closer to that of the previous one, host that is. Unfortunately, that plan went to hell in a hand basket pretty quickly given that Apple Jack had to (more or less) be critically injured and hospitalized in order for Anti-Bloom to escape with her life after the host’s sibling realized something was wrong… in hindsight, however, Apple Bloom’s replacement probably could have found a better place to hide the dog than the nearest hall closet. Given that the individual currently fostering her was a wall eyed pegasus with all the observation skills of a turkey in a rain storm, the young carnivore decided she didn’t want to tempt fate further, choosing instead to stick with the risk she was given.

Besides, given her current set of circumstances, no-pony questioned the legitimacy of her presence at Princess Luna’s Center For Kids Who Can’t Magic Good (An Wanna Do Other Stuff Good Too), where the vittles were literally a stone’s throw away and easier to manipulate than the dog apparently. Even the play-dough cookies at the school were delightful. Couldn’t say much for the company though, through some bizarre if not obscene miracle she was not called upon to prove her knowledge of the Equish language. The class she was teaching…or attending given how little she understood pony culture, was literally a front for training meat-sheilds the tactics and strategy necessary for the assassination of alicorns. Specifically, Celestia and another pony that the extra terrestrial was pretty sure was a dead given her knowledge of marenatomy. Then again, as every pragmatist was three hairs away from being a solipsist, anything the alien saw as an unsuccessful adaptation ceased to exist on principal. And, Love (a concept understood by many if not all five year olds) was a weakness easily exploited.

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