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"The Iron Horse" Updates Tomorrow! · 7:01pm May 16th, 2016

Well, it has been a while, but the chapter is just about set and ready to go. It's just one chapter to round out the Romance Arc, but it's a sizable one. I hope you all enjoy it. :twilightsmile:

As a little taste, here's a clip and also a scrapped sketch from the upcoming chapter!

Comments ( 11 )

That reminds me, you ever going to do anything with the drawing I did?

3948404 I'll put it in the author's notes of this upcoming chapter. :raritywink:

3948426 Kay-kay! :twilightsmile:

Just wondering, cuz like, I put a lot of work into that.

(Looks at Maud's robo boop)

Sweetness levels: rising...

Critical diabetes: imminent...

Feels dispersal protocol: engaged...

Random stranger- "will someone get this creep away from me!?!":flutterrage:

Me- but just want a huuu~uuuug!:raritydespair:

3948430 Well, I did already add it to the Gallery, along with some other recent things.

3948499 I was not aware such a post existed. My humblest apologies. You should put a link to it in the story description. The gallery, I mean.

Also, for the record, the drawing is called 'What Is Love', and that's the wrong version. The finished version feature's Turing's tail, and was the version in the link I PM'd you. Please swap those out as soon as possible.


3948546 Oops! Guess I accidentally put up the wrong one. Fixed! ^^

As for putting it in the description, that's certainly an idea as well. I might just do that.

#Now to wait for inevitable comments about how Gullible Cynic's Twilight x Gadget ship story was better

I must admit, I did like it.

Anyways... SQUEEE!!! Can't wait!!

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