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  • 244 weeks
    HOLY SHIT!!!

    I ain't been here since march of 2017?!

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  • 301 weeks
    Been gone.

    For about three weeks now? Idk, it's been a minute, slacking on obligations and such is fun n all. But I'm back with a new one shot and a few updates for a story that I haven't touched since publishing...

    Yep, here is my short burst of creativity for the year.:trixieshiftright:

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  • 316 weeks
    The Zone

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  • 324 weeks
    Well now that's a thing.

    Idk how long it's been a thing though, because I post a story like once a year... But apparently auto-submission has been a thing for some time now, the more you know I guess.:trixieshiftright:

    Oh right, and I got a new little one shot up. Bad Advice

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  • 326 weeks

    it has begun.

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I'm enjoying this... · 10:44pm May 15th, 2016

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