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  • 110 weeks
    Storry edit progess thingy

    1. it is not going well.
    2. last day of school, so more time to work on it.
    3. it will have to be delayed by a lot, my writing (in terms of people talking to each other) has not improved much.
    4. I'm sorry, i failed my original deadline for my self.

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  • 121 weeks
    I made a thing

    I made a short story... I think anyways. here we go, oh and I typed it in notepad so if it looks weird that's why.

    We started small, a labyrinth. The walls were outlined in white. We explored, moving as a camera on rails would. I decided to make an exit the the labyrinth we found

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    Story re-write

    So I took a look at my story today... I think I died, what the Heck was I thinking? Not only is it well... Everything bad, I also used far, Far, FAR to much of the script from the show as either a copy paste or very bad(or badly used) inspiration. So instead of re-making the story entirely(although it might as well be a complete rewrite). I'm going to just rewrite the first chapter's of my story

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    the best thing ever

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    quick update

    So I'm updating my profile. Adding more information to the personality board, editing the board, and a few other things. just posting this as a quick informational update, if you want to contribute to the update either post a comment here or on my profile, contributors to the personality board will be given credit at the bottom.

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Warframe challenge · 4:29am May 15th, 2016

how long can you survive on a Orokin Derelict solo? Mine's 00:00 since i don't have the blueprint for the key yet.

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Comments ( 9 )

I don't have a key either.:derpytongue2:

About 60 minutes, give or take.

3974827 Your steam says you don't play Warframe? :applejackconfused:

3974832 i play xbox one version

3975005 Could've offered to take you on some ODS runs if you were on PC.

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