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A natural born editor, sometimes I edit blank pages into stories.

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  • 174 weeks
    Midnight's Wildcard Feast

    ... Got coverart.

    Courtesy of Lupin Quill.

    I can't link his blog 'cause it falls under NSFW, but he's just a google search away.

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  • 176 weeks
    "Midnight's Feast" On Pause This Week

    So it looks like Gladi and I aren't going to get a chapter of Midnight's Wildcard Feast out this week. :fluttershysad:

    That said, I do have another offering for you guys to give you your regular dosage of fatpone. :yay:

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  • 182 weeks
    WARNING: Story Incoming

    Okay, guys I'm putting this warning out there for anyone who actually bothers to read my Blogs.

    I've got a new story coming in the next 24 hours.

    It is incredibly fetishistic, and not exactly for those who have weak stomachs or are easily offended, so if you go in expecting my normal, light-hearted comedic fare you're going to be remarkably surprised and most likely disgusted.

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  • 184 weeks
    Productivity Loss

    So I bought Square-Enix's new fishing tour game (also known as Final Fantasy XV)

    I just spent 6 in game days fishing.

    Electronic anime bishonen fishing.

    What has my life become?

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  • 188 weeks
    Ever-ready Battery to Power

    Four cylinder engine to speed.

    Chapter 6 of Beetle & Blood, "There Will be Blueblood" is being flung back and forth between the pre-readers as I try desperately to choose which of their suggestions to follow, and should be ready tomorrow or Thursday.

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In Circles · 5:06pm May 14th, 2016

So I just spent 10 hours switching between playing Dark Souls II - SotFS edition, and staring at Google Docs, getting nowhere in either of these activities.

At this point I kinda wish I could just burn my computer to ash and wash my hands of both these things, or that I had a time machine.

Here's some feel-good rap music for y'all.

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Drangleic Castle. Shulva - Sanctum City, and Frozen Eleum Loyce (I can't find the key anywhere).

It's really aggravating because I rolled through The Lost Bastille, Black Gulch, and Brightstone Cove Tseldora on basically 8 lives. I had a real hard time with The Iron Keep, but in my defence, fuck the Smelter Demon if you don't have poison. Hell I ran through The Lost Sinner, and The Duke's Dear Freja first time each, and now I'm suddenly suffering from the same competency curse as the Princesses.

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