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Littlest Pet Shop Season 4.5: "Bake Boss" · 4:29pm May 14th, 2016

So, Littlest Pet Shop goes back to the "make fun of reality TV" well with an episode that spoofs shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Bar Rescue.

And boy, did they ever make their expy of Gordon Ramsay look like an idiot.

I guess someone on the writing staff sympathizes with all the restauranteurs who blamed Gordon for their businesses tanking after his changes.

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Comments ( 4 )

Let's face it, the saving grace of this episode was the B-plot with Sunil and the pets. Props to Zoe for the line about pretending to be Minkia's mother. She's right, no one would believe a dog could be a monkey's mother.

3944001 I actually was largely ignoring the B-plot, to be honest. I loved the A-plot send-up of Kitchen Nightmares, though. Mostly because I'm a fan of Kitchen Nightmares and while I usually side with Ramsay in his earnest desire to help failing businesses, I have seen merit in some of the complaints about his changes not always being the right fit.

3944057 Still doesn't justify making an expy of him a complete idiot.

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