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    story adoption

    Hi everypony I have been thinking a rather serious thought for the past year and a half and have finally decided to put my story Lord of the rings ponies of the Fellowship up for adoption. It'as been four years since I started the story on Fanfiction but I just can't find the time and inspiration to finish and continue so I want someone else to take it and try.

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    New mlp episode opinion VIX

    Well another Saturday meaning another mlp episode
    1: plot is interesting
    2: Rainbow Dash really doesn't now a game she's seems good at and yet she's a wonderful
    3: Buckball must an Apple family game for many to not know about it
    4: For first timers Fluttershy and pinkie pie are the best and Snails too it seems he's gotten better with magic sense Season 1

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    New mlp episode has gone Twilight

    If you're familiar with the Twilight saga you know the Collins are the vegetarians and human friendly outcast of the Vampires well Thorax here is just like them

    He doesn't want to hurt the ponies or eat their love and he wants to fit in, so you can say in equestria he's a Collin.

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    After having watched the newest mlp episode I have to say it was worth the wait
    1: the new Daring Do adventures were fresh with new monsters and return of Cabbalaron
    2: the references to our world was fitting like the convention, and mentions of fanfiction and lines from the last Crusade was cool. https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=uuIRHvhZVkE if you don't know what I'm talking about

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    New mlp episode opinion VI

    Now back again with new Mlp, this weekend's episode Flutter Brutter
    1: it's cool to see Fluttershy's parents and brother but I was expecting him to be named Butterscotch or something like that.
    2: man you can tell right away Fluttershy's parents want her to take her brother out of their house
    3: Fluttershy's the oldest that I didn't see coming

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New mlp episode opinion III · 4:25pm May 14th, 2016

Well another Saturday another new and hopefully awesome mlp episode and already I like it because even though it's a whole year early a Christmas themed episode can do good like how Disney channel used to do Halloween theme movies on Easter. Now for the episode a heartswarming tail
One: the opening remains me of the cartoon how the grinch stole Christmas opening
Two &3: this is more of a note but on that sneak peak I posted a comment on Facebook that starlight's Christmas past character was a reference to Ebenezer Scrooge I was right because the story a heartwarming tale is an obvious reference to a Christmas Carol
4: omg again with the reference I mean from to snowfall frost the alchemists Ebenezer Scrooge the accountant to snow dash the assistant to Bob Cratchet Hasbro your good
5: man this pony is nuttier then a fruit cake
6: Spike you need to learn to shut up when the time is needed
7,8,and 9: omg omg OMG! They did it the three Christmas spirits and now the three heartwarming spirits. Past: Applejack(good choice), Present: pinkie pie( actually quite fitting for that character), and finally Future: OMG Luna! (Now that's the number one pony for the character)
10: as usual really good songs
11: Okay this is a very important lesson folks there is no such thing as a bad student who turns into a horrible person but a bad teacher who makes them that way
12: presents sense good one
13: aw as tiny Tim cute
Now this is what I'm going to watch on Christmas from now till end of my days. This is Messager 32 say to every pony Happy Heartswarming to all and to all a friendship memory in equestria

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