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I see people with these crazy long stories, and here I am, proud to make it over the 1000 word minimum.

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Slice of Life · 6:08am May 14th, 2016

See, I'm under the impression that every story [on this site] is secretly a slice of life story. Orwellian horror? Slice of life for dystopian AU. Adventure? Slice of life for exciting person. Clop? Slice of life for porn star.

So, in conclusion, I believe that every story should be tagged "Slice of Life." I think this would make it much easier for writers struggling to put a finger on what genre their story is. No longer would we have to worry about that puny amount of tags; I mean, come on, 19? I couldn't even throw the tags that far; therefore, I could also not trust them. Instead of choosing 30 tags—or however many there are on this site—we could simplify the process with just one, concise tag that would make browsing a more pleasurable experience.

Incoherence aside, I'm pretty sure that this is the best idea I have ever and will ever have. Nothing past this point will ever live up to this moment that I posting this blog that will inevitably get eight views.

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