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Phoenix Nebula

Chaos is not the opposite of Harmony but apart of it. Both chaos and order together create a balance known as Harmony. Without one you cannot have have the other and without either there is nothing.

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    Okay, there's my favorite, bye!

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Editor needed · 2:34am May 14th, 2016

I need a n editor. My only editor left is busy with life and cant edit it so I need a new editor. I have one story that has been needing to be edited for almost a month now. I really want to submit it but not before it's properly edited by some one other than my self.

Report Phoenix Nebula · 216 views · #editor
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Comments ( 2 )


I'll check it out. I'm usually very cautious of editors because the last person I had editing kind of blew up on me and sent a really rude PM.

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