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Hi, I'm just a simple guy with a love of writing, RPG, dr pepper and anything to do with MLP

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  • 65 weeks
    a return

    Once there was a little blue unicorn named Jay
    he liked to write Stories (though he had a habit of never finishing them) and liked to here what people and ponies said about them sometimes there was praise, sometimes there was criticism and sometimes there were comments he didn't want to here
    But that unicorn had to leave his favourite haunt of writing because life got in his way.

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  • 373 weeks
    I return XD

    So i've been away for a long while...some stuff happened, some of it bad and some of it...really bad DX
    Trust me, things have been really bad for me for the past couple of months, what with pain, sickness, near death and other crap like that.
    So it is with a heavy heart that i return. I dont know if i can get my drive back to write but i will try guys...i promise.

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  • 382 weeks
    Back...Again XD

    So...hey everypony. Equestriasservant here. I'm back at last. So I might be writing as much as I thought I would be able to as University is finally coming closer to me and my mom is pushing me to get a job. Whilst I might not be able to write as much as I'd hoped, I will try to write up the remaining chapters of the Stick of Truth story.

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  • 385 weeks

    This is starting to piss me off. I get a great idea into my head, like my latest story, I spew out good chapters and. Then. It. Happens. AGAIN!
    This is the reason why I keep writing New stories after a few weeks. DAMN WRITER'S BLOCK! I wouldn't be so angry about this if not for the fact that it keeps happening.

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  • 387 weeks
    Battle Spirits?

    So I recently got back into playing card games (yes I know,) ever since Bushiroad unveiled their new card game, Luck and Logic. But one game I always enjoyed playing was Battle-Spirits.
    It's a high pressure card game and it really gets my blood pumping.
    I was wondering if anyone else plyed it on here? And if you do what sort of deck do you guys use?

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Finished · 5:46pm May 13th, 2016

Hello everypony...
I just wanted to say thanks for everyone of you who supported me through the time I've been on here but...
I'm finishing it.
who knows, maybe the afterlife will spit me out again since i'm such a worthless shit

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Pardon? Mate, your one of my beast friends here on this site, don't ever tell yourself your worthless.

3942396 You are far from it mate, far from it.

3942464 Of course! You don't need to ask me if your Humanity is worth something mate, if you are worth something. Your a Human being, you belong to the smartest species on this planet, don't let sorrow fill your heart and mind mate, it will do no good.

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