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  • 159 weeks
    An Idea

    Since I own George Cunningham and Shadow Mavis, I heard some complaints about how did they meet their friends, and what their relationship is. Truth be told, years ago, I was gonna make an origin story for George of how he met his friends and how he became evil, but I didn't have the motivation to do it. Until now, that is. Expect the first chapter of the origin story to uploaded before this year

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  • 159 weeks
    New Story is out

    About Time!

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  • 159 weeks
    Long time no see

    YIKES. It's been years since I came here. Ever since the show was still on, I lost motivation to write. Even when the show was over, suddenly, I had the motivation to write again. It doesn't help the fact that I go to college now, but I'll write when I can. I really want to expand the story of my OCs. I hope to make more friends here than i did years ago.

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  • 389 weeks

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  • 389 weeks

    I'm back. After my aunt passed, it gets worse! Not only a new skylanders game in develepomennt, but I'm being in it. First they fucked Spyro, now they are doing the same thing to me?!? E3 2016 isn't worth it, kids!

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F**k Activision · 9:45pm May 11th, 2016

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I know exactly how you feel. Spyro got fucked over into Skylanders years ago now, fully FUCKING my childhood.

Yeah, I know how you feel too. Five Night's At Freddy's didn't need to have a fourth installment. I mean, I still love the fourth game, but the story was most satisfying when it was just the first three.

But now, there's a novel, that Sister Location Spin-off, a movie coming soon, console remakes, a possible second book, and FNAF World.

I hope Undertale doesn't turn out like that. That's my most favorite game ever and I don't want it ruined.

3938544 The fandom will do that, it kinda already has. r34

I can't view the link. :/

3938544 Thanks
3938706 Go search Crash Bandicoot 2016 on Goggle.

3938705 Fortunately, It's nothing official, so I can try and avoid it.

3939957 What's so bad about Paper Jam?

3939447 Can you have your brothers and you react to Scrat in Africa?

3940498 Because we've all seen it already.

3940509 I dunno. They didn't really care for it.

3940585 Okay. I liked how you were one of those little boys. Especially the one with the hat.

3941151 Well, what's the only positive thing about it?

3941164 You mean prefer Dream Team over Paper Jam?

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