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    Had a Livestream with a friend earlier today. We played Dauntless. Here's his video.
    (I come in around 24:30)

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Honest Trailers Time · 2:20pm May 11th, 2016

It was so fun to work with that guy again! I wanted to tell him about our dream adventure involving us killing my piece of s**t self & Michael Bay, but that'd be weird. And anyways, go and buy my Blu-Ray & DVD Combo at your nearby Wally-World, Fried, or any other grocery store that controls mos of what you buy and allow you your jobs. MrAquino sure did.

...I did.

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Comments ( 2 )

I've got the Blu-Ray pre-ordered, which is even more epic because it comes out the day before my birthday.

Apple TV.

Downloaded it and shamelessly touched every part of myself over the weekend when I should have been studying for my finals.

Absolutely worth it.

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