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I'm ded lol. Fuck you, bronies.

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I CAVED!!! · 7:50pm May 10th, 2016


I watched the Pokemon Direct and spoiled a bit of the games! But to be fair, the pressure of the internet would have gotten to me sooner or later. I'm happy I saw the new direct and I'm happy for all the things in the trailer. So what does this mean now? Now this means that we can talk about the trailer in the comments below!

And yeah, I won't block anyone now. :rainbowlaugh:

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Comments ( 17 )

Yeah, temptation does that. The important thing to remember is that you tried to resist and made a real effort in doing so.

A real effort that lasted a whole HOUR, but an effort nonetheless.

The general opinion is that everything shown in trailers do not count as spoilers anyways, so it isn't such a big deal.
But now: Your opinion on everything

Ready? You sure? Okay...


HOLY FUCKING SHIT I LOVED EVERYTHING HERE!! I know it's too early for me to be considering stuff like this without any full backup, but holy shit everything here looked absolutely fantastic! I love the little details in the game, like seeing the trainers behind the Pokemon like in XD, which is one of my favorite Pokemon games of all time. Actually, a LOT of the game is generally based around XD, which is awesome! How? The character models look more human-like, and the grid system seems too finally be gone. I know the grid system of movement is a staple in Pokemon games, but I really think GameFreak can pull this off. If they can, we could possibly be looking at one of the greatest Pokemon games ever.

I also really like the designs of the new starters. Sure, they made me laugh the first time I saw them, but I actually find them endearing now. Already there's a meme for Rowlet and I love its design, Litten will be my starter due to it being the first GOOD cat Pokemon, and Popplio looks so goofy and incredible it may just work! I also love the designs of Solgaleo and Lunaala, what with one being a real fucking lion (eat shit, Pyroar), and the other being a legendary bat. A FUCKING BAT!! Already two of my favorite animals are super good in this region. All we need now is a good snake and a good spider and all my favorite animals shall have the justice they deserve!

Other than that, I love the fact that this Professor is based off a Japanese Sensei, so who knows what will happen from there? Oh, and apparently your cousin is in this game too. It also looks like character customization is back as well, which is awesome because that main character male is REALLY creeping me out! Oh, and I love the new region based off Hawaii! It might end up being another Hoenn, but look at all the fucks I give!




This is not a spoiler... Got ya!

My thoughts during the trailer:
"Oh my god this region is beautiful!":pinkiegasp:
"The graphic finally reached the Gamecube games!":raritystarry:
"These new starters are...interesting":twilightsheepish:
"Bauz, Flamiau, Robball (german names) these names are DUMB.":facehoof:
"Oh my god this lion is epic:rainbowdetermined2: (double epic because it's my zodiac)":rainbowkiss:
"Sorry Luna, I'll probably choose Sun":trollestia:
"This bat looks kinda cool":ajsmug:
"Twenty-third!?!? Five days later!?! WT:yay:!?!":flutterrage::pinkiecrazy::raritycry::twilightangry2:

- Hawaii is just a really pretty place. :rainbowkiss:
- No longer are we confined to squares! :rainbowlaugh:
- Me? I love them! :pinkiehappy:
- I was gonna make a joke for Bauz, but Robball is just... ah, that's just perfection. :derpytongue2:
- Solgaleo really is fucking awesome, isn't it? (Eat shit, Pyroar) :pinkiecrazy:
- Lunaala is very pretty! I'm getting Moon! :raritystarry:
- LOL, I get it on the 18th. :rainbowwild:

This is Gamefreaks payback for France releasing XY too early:ajbemused:
Even Australia, which also receives the european PAL-version, gets it on 18..(Usually we share release dates)

It was only a matter of time before you caved in... :pinkiecrazy:
Lunar Republic all the way.

The owl is clearly the better starter.

No one can ever avoid spoilers.

Remember that from now on SuperKamek!


Yeah, well, fair warning, pal. :twilightsmile:


Litten is the best one.


3936742 Best gif I've seen all week. :rainbowlaugh:

3936177 Nah. The owl is clearly the best. :ajsmug:

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