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MLP helped me find my muse in Oct. 2014 after 6 years without it. I have a Psychology B.S. Sunset Shimmer is best pony.

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    "Always Had" is Officially COMPLETED

    It's been almost two years since the last chapter of Always Had was published. This whole time it's been marked as "Incomplete", but tonight I finally decided to move forward with the next stage of the story in a separate fic and mark this one as "Complete", as Twilight's adventure of being Clover the Clever is ended and her slice of life as Clover has only just begun.

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    Gusty the Great

    1. Has a horn
    2. Has wavy hair that seems to flow even when there's no wind
    3. Apparently flew away from Mt. Everhoof before teleporting away

    I'm calling it now: Gusty's an alicorn.

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    Christmas Fic

    Writing a musical is difficult.

    Hopefully I'll have it done in the next couple weeks, because I want to publish it before Christmas.

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    Happy Anniversary

    On this day eight years ago, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic premiered on the Hub Network. A bunch of grown men decided to watch it as a joke, and then realized that it was actually a pretty good show. Very quickly, bronies came into the forefront of media for defying societal expectation that grown men aren't supposed to enjoy things marketed to young girls.

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  • 108 weeks
    Off Hiatus

    The Princess that Equestria Always Had is no longer on hiatus.

    The Princess that Equestria Always Had is no longer on hiatus!

    The Princess that Equestria Always Had is no longer on hiatus!

    I'm excited to start uploading again, after more than 21 months since the last update.

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What's it called... · 4:36am May 10th, 2016

when my mom thinks I'm lying or I suddenly made something up when I tell her I don't talk because she doesn't listen to me, and she immediately shoots it down, defending herself by saying she can't listen to me if I don't talk to her, and I haven't felt comfortable talking to her about my problems for a decade or so because she never takes my problems seriously aka doesn't listen to me?

On the plus side, though, I've made actual progress on chapter 13. Several hundred words' worth.

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Comments ( 1 )

Can't say I understand how that feels from a family member but have run into that with other people so I understand to an extent. Feel for you man really do.

And congrats on getting some writing done

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