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  • 72 weeks
    To much twitter?

    If I had written a story like I have wrote on Twitter all year I would have a really wierd story that wouldn’t pass moderation :)
    Anyhoo, no luck writing yet. It just isn’t coming forward, but I did grab a model steam engine and bling it right up over the summer. It got a crane and I made a new back end and I had fun. Also had some fun with the race truck.

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  • 114 weeks
    Funny mind place

    Yep, new year, same me :D
    Last year was trailer re-building and making rat-quad-crane (which is great for a physically struggling person like myself) and some other bits and bobs.
    I’ve already chucked down a patio this week, but haven’t written anything. Will I write more? I would love to, but it isn’t coming to me. It’s only January though.

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  • 126 weeks
    Writings a bit thin :O

    Yeh, not so much going on with words. There was an anthro cat one the other week that was a fair bit grim :D
    A lot of time went into the cosplay this year and a lot more in trailer repairs in the spring.
    The last few weeks I have been building a small mobile crane for the garden. Plus, work has been busy, so less time there to think up stories.

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  • 149 weeks
    Derpy's Treasure Cave story

    Wow that went well :twilightsheepish:
    It had 209 views in four days and 6 followers. (Amazed) It got also favourited so many times I can't see how I can thank you one by one without getting accused of spamming, so a big Thankyou to all of you who read my work.

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  • 154 weeks
    A trailer........

    The larger part of Team Idris travels around on the back of a trailer. The race truck weighs about two tons and is for off-highway use only. The trailer it rides around on is quite large and is currently being refurbished here in Idrania. The main part of the work involves fitting new axels and this has used up all my boredom time. Cosplay has also eaten into my writing time, but has created a

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My pen gathers dust....... · 10:32am May 9th, 2016

I'm not writing much! I shall attribute this dilemma to the kitchen re-modelling, which has been a thing since before Easter 2016. Also holding up creation is work on the Dragon-Wagon (25 year old van) and being away off road racing yesterday. Previous to that is was Buck2016 and that meant some fairly serious cosplay metal work. I won a medal though in the stage parade :o)
Actually, now I look at the above list it is hardly surprising my last piece was Luna's Holiday. But these are not my main bottle neck! No sir, my kink in the hose has been "Fish Underground" where Fish and Lilypad rescue a very young Colt from a cave he has wandered into to try out his now unicorn light spell. Simple enough story until I tried writing it as a radio play, which has proved difficult. So my need to try out new things means my interest has out stripped my talent! I may put it on hold or change it to an ordinary narration.
Also in a state of disrepair is the mech-war story 'A Horn Handled Gun' which is coming on, but still needs a couple more voice actors. I could say that it is time consuming, but it's been a half hour here, five mins there for seven months. The main gripe is that I need the voice bit done before I start on the special effects.
So there are my excuses :D
There are non-pony pieces on the TeamIdris YouTube channel like 'Gary's-Trip' (comedy) and 'Victoria Kitty' (Steam Punk Anthro). Plus other silly stuff.....

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