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Who gives a shot anymore my stories suck and none of them are good, not to mention I have no reason to call myself an author or writer

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New Story Sneak Peak. · 6:40am May 9th, 2016

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon as you put your books away in your locker and head out the front of the school. You always loved the weekend partying, drinking, and video games was a normal weekend for you and your friends. On your way home you pass a telephone poll with a flyer stapled to it that reads “Big Yard Sale at thirteen Forty-Eight E. Clinton Rd, This weekend Only.” Curious at what they were selling you pull out your phone to check your bank account. Thankfully your paycheck came through early friday morning. Excited you rush to a nearby ATM to pull out some cash. As you wait in line you decide to watch your favorite cartoon to kill some time. After a good fifteen minutes you walk up to the machine and type in your pin and pull out fifty dollars. The machine spools out the green goodness as you slip it into your wallet and for East Clinton Road. You finally arrive at the lather large sized house and begin to browse. As you peruse through the antiques and knick-knacks you come across a retro game table. You search and find a box labeled “N64 Games five for ten.” You fish through the titles you soon remember a story you read on the internet about cursed cartridges at yard sales. In a ironic twist a fate you come across a game mentioned in one of the stories a Legend of Zelda cartridge. You shudder and quickly put the game back and browse the other tables.

As the day went one you quickly gained a small bag of neat items and other assorted junk. As you left the property a rather large mirror caught your eye. You walk up and get a closer look at the rather oddly shaped piece of furniture. It was almost as tall as you with a purple heart shaped frame. You look down at the price tag and gasp. “Twenty bucks seriously. That's a pretty good deal.” you thought to yourself as you search for the owner and shell out the twenty bucks as you pick up the surprisingly light mirror and carry it to your apartment. Once home you set your bags down and take your mirror into your room as you place it in the corner near your bed. You head downstairs to get some cleaning supplies and paint as you spend the rest of the day touching up the mirror your eye begin to feel heavy. Exhausted from the events of the day you take a shower and change into your boxers. Once changed you climb into your bed and quickly fall asleep.

You awaken in the middle of the night to the sound of soft voices near your bed. You sit up and look around your pitch black room. In the corner you spy a weird shadowy figure. You rub your eyes and squint as the figure turns to you as big blue orbs pierced through the shadows. Your heart begins to race as you remain in your bed frozen in fear. You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it. The blue orbs slowly approach your side of the bed as big white smile soon appears under the blue eyes. After a few seconds the smiling set of eyes are inches away from your face. The smell of bubblegum and candy soon fills your nostrils. Regaining feeling in your body you quickly reach into your drawer and pull out your emergency flashlight and aim at the pair of eyes as you turn it on. A medium sized pink horse is illuminated by the light.

“Hi there how are you my names Pinkie Pie.” The creature says as you drop the flashlight and run from your room screaming in terror. You quickly find a closet downstairs and hide.

“What the fuck is going on here. Either I’m having one fucked up dream or I bought some cursed object at that yard sale.” You think to yourself as you slow your breathing and peak through the crack in the sliding closet doors.

“Where did you go? If you wanted to play hide and seek you could’ve just asked i love games.” The pink horse said with a soft giggle as she searched every nook and cranny of the living room. You continue to keep quiet as your heartbeat begins to slow down to a normal pace.

“Ok if I can sneak back upstairs I can get back into my room, lock my door, and do something about that damned mirror. Unless it was one of the other items i bought instead of the mirror.” You think to yourself as you take a deep breath and slowly slide open the closet. You crouch to your knees and slowly make your way upstairs. “So far so good.” You softly whisper as you sprint into your room, slam the door and lock it. You take a deep breath and stand up before stopping as once again the smell of bubblegum fills your nostrils. You slowly turn around as the horse lunges towards tackling you as you both fall into the mirror. Instead of feeling the pain of shards of glass stabbing your back you feel the softness of a grassy field. You shake your head to find the same pink horse laying on your chest as her eyes spin in circles and stars swirl around her head.

You look around wondering where you are and why everything looks all cartoony including you yourself. “Where the hell am I?” you think to yourself as you push the horse off of you and stand up. “Please tell me this is just a dream.” You say pinching and punching yourself in an attempt to wake up. “Buck me this is real.” you say with a slight panic in your voice as you cover your mouth. “What the bucking buck am I actually being bucking censored. This just keeps getting weirder and weirder.” You say to yourself as you look at the pink horse on the ground as something clicks in your head. “What a minute why does this place look so familiar? I know for a fact I’ve never been here before yet this place feels oddly...normal.” You continue to think to yourself as you get a flashback to when you were standing in line at the ATM. “Wait a minute I have seen this place before. This place resembles Ponyville from that cartoon I watch all the time. Either I got here because of that mirror or this is one of those cliche coma stories that plaster the internet.” You say to yourself as the pink horse wakes up and stands on her hooves. You soon remember who this pony before you is.

“P-Pinkie Pie?” You say as she shakes her head causing her eyes to return to normal.

“The one and only but how do you know my name?” She asks as she sits on her flank smiling at you.

“You probably won’t believe me if I told you.” You say as you check your phone to find the screen cracked beyond repair. “Oh for buck sake.” You say in an annoyed tone.

“You don’t know that.” she said with a huff. “I’m really good at figuring things out.” She goes onto say as you think back to a episode where this very town was attacked by annoying little parasites that multiplied every time they ate something.

“Alright calm down Pinkie. You see I’m from a planet called earth that's inhabited by bipedal apes kinda like me called “Humans” and in this world there is a group of humans who watch a show called My Little Pony. In this show it follows the adventures of six friends.” You say before you are interrupted by Pinkie jumping up and down in excitement.

“Oh let me guess the six friends are me, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash. On top of that this group of humans that watch our show love us to death and often draw pictures, write stories, make videos, and there is even a group that creates lewd drawings, stories like this one, and videos and to put the icing on the cake. You are one of those group members. Well how did i do huh...huh?” She says getting closer to you as she oozes with excitement.

“In the nutshell Pinkie yes that's an excellent summary.” You say as the two of you begin walking towards the center of town.

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