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A Christian nerd; probably the only guy you ever met who wanted the Larrymobile to be transformed by the All-Spark. My brother, The Traveler12, is NOT the lamest person you've ever met. Check him out!

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I Finally Got Around To Seeing "Dawn Of Justice" · 2:20am May 8th, 2016

THAT's 2.5 hours of my life I'm never getting back.

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You didn't enjoy the movie it seems.

Sorry to hear you didn't like it man, much as I enjoyed it I do admit it had ALOT of problems, no denying that.

You could have used your money to see Captain America Civil War.

I wouldn't o that far...
But ya it sucked.

3928821 No, can't say that I did. Maybe someday I'll get around to actually reviewing it and discussing why, but given my schedule these days, it'd be a miracle.

3928848 I could've, couldn't I?

Oh also, I wanted to say, I picked up the first issue of the Archie reboot for Free Comic day...thanks for the recommendation, I'm hooked now:pinkiesmile:

3929887 No prob. Glad you liked it.

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