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Purdy~ · 6:56pm May 7th, 2016

Did you guys know Derpibooru have a tag called 'color porn?' :raritystarry:

And no, not in the sexual way. :raritywink:

Very pretty bandwidth murder behind the cut.


I've said it before, I'll say it again: FiM deserves far more credit then it gets when it comes to its color palate, and this gorgues picture I think illustrates very well just that.

That's not 'pink,' 'yellow' and 'blue-ish.' That's Fluttershy, for instance. And even if you haven't nerded out quite enough to recognizance 'pale, light greyish gold,' 'pale, light greyish rose' and 'moderate cyan,' those shades are still so distinct you'd reqognice them togheter even if you'd only seen one episode.

Now that? That's some impressive character design.

Speaking of Fluttershy...


Really wish stained glass and glass-works was more common then it is in the fandom. it's a wonderfully fluid looking art-form, especially if you have the luxury of placing involving natural sun-light... but I will admit that I get that it's very time and equipment intensive.



Love that nearly ethereal look on both of these. Very 'godly.'

Speaking of...


Really wish the show could show this sort of side of Discord more often. Just indulging in something weird without winking at the camera with a bunch of references and lame jokes, I mean.

Or backsliding and going full dark lord again, I guess. That would also be what I believe the kids these days call 'bad.'


AU where Rainbow Dash was made a homunculus... (Or equinculus, I guess. )

Now that? That's an idea for a story, right there.

(For those that don't get it, homunculi are artificial humans made by alchemy that cannot leave their bottles without dying. Yeah...)


I'm a sucker for optical illusions, I must admit, but I like the detailing in this one. Definitely a most fitting source of subject matter.

Don't usually care since so many artist are bone-dry and dull when it comes to names for their picture, but I like this one's. 'Twilight's Twilight.'

Short, to the point, and still tells you all you need to know. Kudos.

And finally, we have as the grand finale...


What I am not ashamed at all to say is my current wallpaper. :rainbowkiss:

And man, do I wish the show would do something like this. Would be really interesting to see just how a cloud-city like Cloudsdale deals with shifts in weather and seasons. Their version of Winter Wrap-up, if you so will.

Would rather neatly explain how come a cloud city can stay independent and self-sufficient as well if those cloud pools can be made large enough to grow sea-weed and fish in.

Would even explain why Celestia is so pegasi happy in her military: enough pegasi don't care about Equestria, and suddenly you have a rival nation just off the coast that don't need a lick of imports and can keep expanding as long as there's water-vapor.

That would be politically... complicated. :twilightoops:

Still, I do hope I haven't seared your eyeballs with all that color you liked this and found some new favorites! :pinkiehappy:

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that's not discord that's eris the rule 63 of discord. (discord doesn't have that figure or tits)


that's not discord that's eris the rule 63 of discord. (discord doesn't have that figure or tits)

If he's strong and skilled enough to turn his friend into a still sapient and talking orange, I'm fairly certain he could jump the gender barrier with about equal easy. Or become anthro to freak everypony out, for that matter.

Still, fair enough. I consider the whole rule 63 thing mostly a cosmetic variable, but I know others take it much more seriously and I apologize for any confusion.

Deep down, they are still basically the same character


Deep down, they are still basically the same character

Yeah, that. More or less what I was going for, but summed up in half the words.

3929336 If you could show gender-change on children's TV, Discord would show it. He's the spirit of Chaos: neatly ordered dichotomies, even if imposed by biology, are not for him.


If you could show gender-change on children's TV, Discord would show it. He's the spirit of Chaos: neatly ordered dichotomies, even if imposed by biology, are not for him.

Eh, given the whole 'PG-succubi-horseflies' thing they did with Changelings, I doubt they couldn't think of some excuse that get past the radar, so to speak.

Some old foe that Discord fears and haven't gotten the memo on him being redeemed, but that's not evil or corrupted enough for the Elements to work. Discord has this 'marvelous' idea for his 'sweet sister Eris' to have to deal with it instead, and shenanigans ensue as the foe is instantly smitten while the ponies try not to die laughing and/or cringing.

...Bit cliche I'll admit, but with the personalities involved that actually sounds like it would be a fun twenty minutes. :trollestia:

Anyway, I think that would work without being any more adult then, say, Mr. and Mrs. Cake being married and having foals, and Hasbro would even get a new toy out of it. About the only problem I'd personally foresee is finding a voice actor that's as associated with trickster characters as John De Lucy, but female.

Hmm... :trixieshiftleft:

...Still stand by that I could see it happening. :trixieshiftright:

3929741 I think it would be totally uncontroversial except that gender issues are in the news these days. Kinda like how gender issues are in the news these days, so women in some places are getting beaten up for wearing "men's clothes", aka: unisex casual-wear, in a form of "offense" that had never previously existed.


Ah, right.

You've got a point about the timing. Could be seen as FiM trying to push an political agenda. That's a good way to get censored in quite a few countries around the world.

...Granted that political agenda in this case is 'wouldn't it be nice if we all got treated equally,' and if you're against that in 2016 you're an utter ass-hat...

But since when has that ever stopped people from being offended? :facehoof:

What really makes me put hand to face is that the equality movements cause reactions that are actually harsher and more restrictive than the pre-spoke-up-for-themselves state of affairs. I mean, what are they gonna fucking do, pass a law saying every female who wears blue jeans is transgender now? Ha, but that would deprive them off girls' skintight jeans to stare at!

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