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Evolution of Mantle's Cover Art · 6:39pm May 7th, 2016

I have changed the cover of The Magician's Mantle a ridiculous number of times now, and just for the sake of it I'd thought I'd make a little compilation just to show how much it's been altered over the years.

I also can't take any credit for any of the vectors or artwork in these images, I didn't make the components, just combined them.

As you can see this one was fairly simply and was also the very first cover.

The amount of time it took to put Trixie's face on Mare-Do-Well's body...

Tried to give a 'movie poster' vibe with this one.

Largely similar to the last, with the noteworthy inclusion of the villain (Actually just Pinkie Spy) and is also the current cover.

Which brings me to what I intend to replace it with...

I'm still thinking about it, but this, or a variation of it, may very well become the newest cover sooner than you think.

Well that's it, just a rambling on my part. The next chapter is making slowwww progress, on account of my current obligation to not fail my studies, you can however expect it up eventually.

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Comments ( 4 )

I really like the possible replacement pic. The smoke-like sepia tones of the background (and villain) screams Noir while still bringing out the blues and purples of the cast. Nice!

Though, here's a teeny-tiny idea. The story seems to take place mostly in an urban setting, even if some of it is on the outskirts.
I really like how the whole picture is put together, but perhaps have the bottom landscape be replaced with a city skyline or something a bit more urban - still keeping Trixie, the moon, sepia tone, and shooting stars, however.

Don't get me wrong. I like the bottom half of the picture, but it seems as if Trixie has stopped wandering about...at least for this story.

Just a thought.


3927861 I like your suggestion, but it's a bit beyond my ability to do so. I searched high and low for a skyline image, but I just couldn't find one I thought was appropriate enough as the one I ended up with, and I'm not really an artist so I can't make one myself. And although Trixie's ceased her wandering, I like to think that the bottom parts shows how Trixie is still trying to find her place in the world and how she's alone in doing it.

Thanks for the input though, always appreciated!


Actually, scratch my previous comment, I found a good compromise.

Most of them, in my opinion, suffer a little from show vector feel. If the whole image isn't that way, then the vectory-y part feel a bit like construction paper cutout placed between more artistic layers.

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