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    New mlp episode opinion VIX

    Well another Saturday meaning another mlp episode
    1: plot is interesting
    2: Rainbow Dash really doesn't now a game she's seems good at and yet she's a wonderful
    3: Buckball must an Apple family game for many to not know about it
    4: For first timers Fluttershy and pinkie pie are the best and Snails too it seems he's gotten better with magic sense Season 1

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    1: it's cool to see Fluttershy's parents and brother but I was expecting him to be named Butterscotch or something like that.
    2: man you can tell right away Fluttershy's parents want her to take her brother out of their house
    3: Fluttershy's the oldest that I didn't see coming

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New mlp episode opinion II · 4:08pm May 7th, 2016

For the new mlp episode Newbie Dash
And Hasbro please note that I am personally thanking you, thanking you THANKING YOU for making Rainbow dash a wonderbolt. After five years and four months of waiting thank you.
1: even to this day Spitfire is still my number one wonderbolt
2: it's very funny rainbow dash gets what she always wanted and yet Scotaloo is the one jumping for joy and not doing her celebration dance
3: sad I thought we were going to have a back story of dash's love for the Wonderbolts
4: Rainbow seriously you need to grow up from that live life based on coolness thing it's getting kinda old.
5: private bunking quarters for the Wonderbolts very expecting for a military based academy but yet 100 percent classic
6: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Rainbow Dash in a wonderbolt uniform somepony pinch me
7&8: oh no Fleetfoot don't start calling her rainbow crash you're supposed to be my second favorite and in all fairness that flash back actually makes sense on why they'd call her that in the first place.
9: don't know who that mean wonderbolt is but she is taking lightning dust place as least favorite Pegasus
10: what twilight and the others said about look at the wonderbolts as individuals in order to work together is actually a great friendship tip
11: Sorians nickname is clippers because he clipped a wing on his first day cool that means the whole equestria games thing was a history repeat.
12: wow strike what I said on number 9 that Pegasus is actually cool
Well all and all this is an outstanding episode and like many of you I sure hope that if anyone can make rainbow dash stop doing things based on coolness it's her long time heroes and now fellow teammates the Wonderbolts

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