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  • 12 weeks
    *Gasp!* It moved

    Hey, long time no see, everyone.

    So, I haven’t been active for some time. I haven’t even watched the show in almost a year. I haven’t left the fandom though, the simple and at seemingly weak explanation is simply… I’ve been busy.

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    28 comments · 358 views
  • 30 weeks
    Your OC as a cameo in An Establishment of Exclusivity?

    I guess I’ll start with some general news about my writing, as I always do.

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  • 46 weeks
    The grand finale

    There’s a lot of stuff I want to get through with this blog post.

    So I finished the story. It took almost five years, but I finished it.

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  • 55 weeks
    I need to unwind, so allow me a moment of ranting

    One of the biggest issues of being a human, perhaps the biggest issue, is to know that your time is limited. Not just that you’re going to die, but that you need to go to bed. Nothing hammers this home more than having a job, or in my case currently, an internship.

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  • 71 weeks
    Ending and a possible donation arrangement coming up

    So, to start with, like I have with several other blog posts, I’d like to reassure you that I’m still working on mlaabq. 10k words and counting for the upcoming chapter. Speaking of which, this will be the final chapter of the story (unless I split it into two but I don’t think I will), although for those of you who want to see more, I am planning on writing sequels so don’t worry.

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    17 comments · 663 views

It's been up a week, and I've completely missed it until now. · 9:21pm May 6th, 2016

Twice a year, top-notch entertainment comes free to anyone with an internet-connection, and it's finally here!

People pour millions of dollars into flashy blockbuster-movies, and so few of them entertain me as much as five nerds with some dice, costumes and good comedic timing.

Also, Snuffy, have you blocked me? I'm having trouble answering your message :derpytongue2:

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