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Crimehunter Bat · 12:53pm May 6th, 2016

One of the really fun things to do with crossovers is exploring story ideas that couldn't work in either individually. I just thought of one that I can't really use, so I'm putting it up for adoption. Read on for details.

As you might have guessed from the blog title, this is a Batman crossover. Standard mythos applies by and large: Night out on the town, parents shot dead (perhaps with a repeating crossbow if you don't want to use firearms,) son swears never to let it happen to anyone else, becomes the best at everything, adopts the guise of a bat because criminals are a superstitious, cowardly lot, and becomes the night.

Equinizing the setting is fairly simple. Pony comics with metropolitan settings were established in "Power Ponies," so Trotham City (or your preferred pun) is certainly feasible. Batman (Batstallion, Batmane, perhaps Batmare) himself should probably be an earth pony, Poison Ivy definitely should be, the Penguin can be a griffin who actually is part penguin (or possibly puffin, making him very touchy about how close he comes while still missing the mark,) the Joker can be a party pony gone horribly wrong, and so forth. Assume that Bruce Wayne's cutie mark isn't the Batman logo.

As for the story itself, it's as follows: Early in Batpun's career, criminals begin attacking Trotham's bat pony communities because of a rather logical assumption regarding the bat-themed vigilante's true identity. The Caped Crusader must try to address the persecution of innocents while still preserving his own secret identity.

The problem is that I'm not that big a comic book fan, and I don't think I can do the idea justice. The most experience I have with Batman is through the DC Animated Universe, which I haven't dallied with in over a decade, and Atop the Fourth Wall, which tends to focus on Batman's more out-of-character moments. As such, this one's up for grabs.

Comments ( 13 )

I fail to see why this would need to be a Pony crossover. It sounds like a normal if clever Batman story.

In all fairness, the DCAU is one of the best things to ever come out of comic books so it would be a great source. Honestly with comic book characters picking one source and using it is usually a good call, since it helps keep a consistent baseline for things that fluctuate a lot between writers or series.

Unless Man-Bat has been unusually fecund in recent years, Gotham doesn't normally have a community of people with actual bat wings.

There are actually a couple of groups for stuff like this:

The Idea Exchange
Write my fic for me

I've crossposted this to the Exchange, actually. However, the blog is both more immediately visible and reaches almost four times as many people.

Historically the technical term for this is not a crossover -- those happen when characters cross between universes -- but a fusion, when plots and character attributes cross. Not that anyone cares... That said, it is a good idea, which is why I am pretty sure I've read shades of that -- not the story as described, but references to the story as described, uncannily similar in places -- already. I think it was one of RealityCheck's works... Somehow, it never got written out earnestly, as it happens with most particularly good ideas.

Mr. Freeze should be a unicorn scientist transformed into a wendigo. :)

The Animated Series is actually a VERY good starting point, for the record. It and Justice League/Unlimited are my definitive Bat.

3924483 Oooh oooh, Bane could be an earth pony who super-charges his magic with zap apple juice!


Ra's al Ghul has to be a rogue alicorn or an Umbrum. No other kinds of ponies would be so long-lived. Riddler would be a party pony gone horribly wrong in a different way... We don't have canonical examples of pegasi party ponies, but I expect nothing actually stops them from existing. Scarecrow would be an alchemist, and probably a zebra.

Catwoman can be an actual cat like Baast. :)

3925322 Killer Croc would be an only slightly darker Garble.

Two-Face was the chief crown prosecutor and a unicorn, but after his childhood friend moved and didn't answer his letters, this caused a complete psychotic break (as we know, that is a normal reaction for ponies) and he poured acid on half his face and began a life of crime.

Changling damaged by the love blast and unable to stop uncontrollably changing shape? Clayface.

"the Joker can be a party pony gone horribly wrong"

...That's a rather interesting idea all by itself.

And then it's up to Pinkie Pie to save the day from... "The Party Clown"! :pinkiehappy:

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